Badger Medlar

Fleet Admiral


middle-aged female half-elf

Hero Points 1 (for the write-up for January 24, 2014)


Badger is an older half-elf who shaves her grey hair into stripes. She woke up aboard the Wormwood at the same time as the PCs, and seemed to be on her way to becoming friends with the boatswain.

After Marqua put a rat under her cover while she was sleeping, Badger screamed and woke up the entire ship. She was punished by three lashes from the cat-o-nine-tails.

She is currently serving the Hurricane King as his Fleet Admiral. She took over Oyster Cay after its two leaders (Wide Olga and Havalas Grudd) were killed by hobgoblins.

Badger Medlar

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