Royce Rue


male (?) enigma


AC 21 touch missed; 24 touch hit
Fast Healing healed 9 points of damage in 2 rounds
Ref at least +9
DR at least 14
SR 21


Spell-Like Abilities

  • crushing despair, gaseous form, hold person, suggestion


Hero Points 1 (for the write-up for December 12, 2014)


Royce Rue is six and a half feet tall and almost impossibly skinny. He has no hair on the top of his head, but has long, stringy black hair down his back. His flesh is extremely pale and has a hint of green in direct sunlight.

Royce Rue has large black eyes that are usually slitted but occasionally open very wide. His smile reaches almost to his ears, and his teeth appear needle sharp.

Royce Rue’s nose is thin and extends four inches out from his face.

The party encountered Royce Rue in the jungle, and fled from him. They encountered him a second time near Rickety’s Squibs, and fled from him. They saw him from a distance when he was aboard the Kraken at the start of the Free Captains’ Regatta, standing between two women (one of whom was Malikor’s inamorata).

Royce Rue

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