male hobgoblin


A rising star in the Crashing Hordes Tribe, Sergeant Torauk is the first-born child of Lieutenant Colonels Mokrug and Kahreg. He is Lance-Private Leitauk’s elder brother.

He completed his Year of Hell with distinction just two years previous, and has since become one of the fastest promoted hobgoblins of the Tribe. The only blemish to his record until recently was his tendency to visit the Year of Hell barracks perhaps more often then his supervisory officers would have preferred.

However, shortly before the PCs departed for their ill-fated operation against Royce Rue, Torauk and his unit also ran into trouble. The exact story is unclear as none of the survivors seem to agree on what occurred. What is known is this: Sergeant Torauk was found in the midst of piles of the blackened and scorched bodies of those who had ambushed his unit. He lay badly burned, nearly blind, clutching a twisted piece of metal which, upon further inspection, bore the symbol of Moloch etched on the interior. As the senior survivor of his unit, Torauk was allowed to keep the loot.

With the holes in the reports of this mission, Torauk spent his day of recovery shrouded in suspicion before leaving the clerics and stumbling to the Year of Hell tents, where he promptly dropped his new bauble at his sister’s feet. With a few cryptic comments about no longer needing it, he departed.

Even as the PCs depart the camp, whispers are beginning to spread of Sergeant Torauk’s new-found abilities – to conjure the very fires of Hell.

Torauk joined the squadron as Captain Bengmar‘s first officer aboard the Red Anger while the party was in the First World. After his captain’s death he took command of the Red Anger and sailed off in tandem with the Death’s Servant.


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