Belt of Many Uses


Aura: faint transmutation; CL: 1; Slot: belt; Price: 2 000 gp; Weight: 1 lb.


This leather belt is decorated with thick, coloured beads forming numerous simple pictograms of stick-figure labourers using dozens of different tools. By an act of will, the belt can be made longer or shorter, round and blunt or edged, and remain flexible or become hard as iron. The combination of these changes allows the belt to function as any of a number of tools or weapons. Changing the belt from one item to another takes a move action, as it may include wrapping the belt around a hand, or folding or stretching it into a specific shape.

A belt of many uses can change length, rigidity and sharpness to act as a basket, chain (10 ft.), crowbar, grappling hook (and up to 30 ft. or rope), manacles (masterwork), piton (just one), pole (10 ft.), portable ram, rope (50 ft., silk), blowgun, bolas, club, dagger, gauntlet, spiked chain, punching dagger, spiked gauntlet, javelin, light hammer, light flail, light mace, light pick, nunchaku, spear, short sword, whip, or buckler.


Requirements: Craft Wondrous Item, prestidigitation; Cost: 1 000 gp


Belt of Many Uses

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