Throne of Nalt


Aura strong divination and enchantment; Slot —; Price —; Weight 3 475 lb


In 4618 AR, due west of the iniquitous city of Ilizmagorti,
the shiftless smuggler Nalt Tarbrow hauled a strange leather
sail from the sea and was instantly transfixed. Within a year, nearly two hundred men and three ships served under Admiral Nalt’s black-winged banner, unloading all manner of treasures and ill-gotten gains onto their leader’s hidden island refuge of Eel’s Skull. In his sea cave fortress, Nalt ruled as a pirate prince, even crafting the wings that heralded his change in fortune into an imperious throne, setting it with a massive sea serpent’s skull and great horns of gold.

The Throne of Nalt was occupied for but a brief time. The would-be pirate lord’s swift ascent into infamy sparked the ire of numerous other notorious villains. The loose tongue of one of Nalt’s captains soon brought an armada of enemies to the pirate lord’s doorstep. After weeks of siege by sea, an increasingly unhinged Nalt—refusing to have his treasures stolen away—set Eel’s Skull aflame, destroying the fortress and burying his treasure vaults beneath tons of rock.

Over the centuries, dozens of treasure hunters have plumbed the ruins of Eel’s Skull, but the best-known prize, Nalt’s grim throne, has never been reclaimed.

Captain Harrigan tasked the hobgoblins with retrieving the throne for him, but they failed to do so.

Throne of Nalt

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