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  • Fey Queen

    The brownies in the [[:toadstool-home]] serve a queen. It was from her that [[:royce-rue]] stole the home in the first place. One of her minions gave a scrimshaw knife to [[:giffer-tibbs|Giffer Tibbs]] on her behalf.

  • Gary the Grimple

    Gary the Grimple joined the crew of the _Quipper_ in [[Port Peril]] after seemingly bonding with [[:grimbilnuk]]. He hates humans. He is covered in fleas. He gives "amazing" hugs. He throws up a lot. Gary finds life at sea boring. Gary was one of …

  • Hummingbird

    _"My gift is to accompany those destined for greatness and improve their fortune. I believe that my way lies with you."_ Hummingbird was hired by Bosun Smnuggles in Port Peril just before the regatta. Hummingbird was revealed to work for the fey …

  • Powerwing

    _"People are starting to hear of you, so you’re going to be facing tougher foes. It’s time you upgraded your combat power by hiring me!"_ Powerwing was hired in Port Peril on Neth 9, 4712. She serves as the Master-At-Arms aboard the _Quipper_.

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