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  • Kerdak Bonefist

    As the thirteenth Hurricane King, Kerdak Bonefist enjoyed nearly four decades of unprecedented success in piracy and unquestioned rule of the seas, but as years passed without Bonefist seeming to age at all, many Free Captains whispered that he had held …

  • Tsadok Goldtooth

    As first mate to Hurricane King [[:kerdak-bonefist]] aboard his flagship, the _Filthy Lucre_, Tsadok Goldtooth enjoyed a position of power and prestige far above that of most pirate officers. Tsadok administered the three trials to the hobgoblins in …

  • Bilgerat Jacobi

    Bilgerat is a crewmember on the _Filthy Lucre_. When the hobgoblins were doing their trials for their letter of marque, Bilgerat was suspiciously close to where the line securing the boom came untied while Marqua was working on it.

  • Haines Boyne

    Haines Boyne is a crewman aboard the _Filthy Lucre_. Boyne competed against Marqua in a competition to lower sails as part of the hobgoblins' trials to attain their letter of marque. He lost spectacularly, and then Marqua bought him a drink.

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