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  • Tessa Fairwind

    A popular figure throughout the Shackles, Tessa Fairwind is Mistress of Quent and captain of the sloop-of-war _Luck of the Draw_. She is a member of the [[Pirate Council]], and widespread rumour holds that she will be the next Hurricane King, either …

  • Mase Darimar

    A half-elf of mixed Mwangi and aquatic elf ancestry, Captain Mase Darimar practices the weather-bound faith of Gozreh. He captains the frigate _Wavecrest_. Though he formerly championed the will of the [[Pirate Council]], this was discovered to be a …

  • Valerande Aiger

    Valerande "Barracuda" Aiger is the son of Captain Tevenida Aiger, an infamous pirate who lost her life freeing shipping lanes from the [[:shrouded-queen]]. Valerande captains the _Wanton Wastrel_.

  • Portia Runescar

    Captain Portia Runescar commanded the _Truewind_ until it was captured by the _Quipper_. She was taken to [[Bloodcove]] for ransom.

  • Badger Medlar

    Badger is an older half-elf who shaves her grey hair into stripes. She woke up aboard the _Wormwood_ at the same time as the PCs, and seemed to be on her way to becoming friends with [[:master-scourge |the boatswain]]. After [[:marqua]] put a rat under …

  • Gren Trevak

    Gren was working for [[:jared-tarin|Red Skewer Tarin]] on Crown Island when they were both killed by the PCs. Marqua flayed his skin off his body after his death before his body was burned.

  • Dashing Drake Artoli

    Dashing Drake Artoli captured [[:tall-halla]] and soon after was confronted by members of The Fist. Dashing Drake easily defeated them, but didn't want to start killing the local constabulary so allowed them to leave, taking their wounded but leaving Tall …

  • Gamin “Half-Ear” Crystos

    “If you won’t hire me will you at least have dinner with me?” Gamin lost half his right ear and wears custom jewellery as a prosthetic. After Leitauk (somewhat regretfully) told him that he wasn't hired, he took her out for a night on the town. Both …

  • Jaymiss Keft

    The grey-haired old half-elf spends most of his time by the fire in the Carvers’ Hall, a communal building where Drenchport’s scrimshanders work together on larger projects and sell their finished works. He likes his black kelp beer served warm.

  • Marlin

    Marlin was part of the entertainment group that took in Grimka. Marlin sailed to the [[Island of Empty Eyes]] with her for reasons of his own, before being taken away by [[:zarrnok|Captain Yarrrnok]] aboard the _Damned Jewel_.

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