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  • Ship's Manifest, Red Anger

    |\2=. *Ship's Manifest, Crew, _The Quipper_* | |=. *Officer Position* |=. _*Crew Member*_ | | Captain | [[:torauk]] | | First Officer | [[:manuela-kimberly]] | | Quartermaster | [[:tiyagor-wartankard]] | | Master-at-Arms | [[:bolly]] |

  • Torauk

    A rising star in the Crashing Hordes Tribe, Sergeant Torauk is the first-born child of Lieutenant Colonels [[:mokrug | Mokrug]] and [[:kahreg | Kahreg]]. He is Lance-Private [[:leitauk | Leitauk]]'s elder brother. He completed his Year of Hell with …

  • Manuela 'Backstabber' Kimberly

    Manuela was crew aboard the _Vorsfang_ when it was overtaken and defeated by the _Famished Mane_ on Desnus 6, 4712. She joined the _Quipper_ as soon as it rescued her. On Rova 13, 4712, Backstabber hung out with [[:kroto-mok|Bloodfish]], [[:dolgrin- …

  • Bight-Breath Bolly

    _"No one can see us, right? Technically I'm part of the crew of, uh, another ship, but you have a reputation to pay more. What's the catch, and how do I sign up?"_ Bolly was hired by Bosun Smnuggles in Port Peril just before the regatta. He served as …

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