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  • Whalebone Pilk

    For some, unbridled obsession can lead to death and even the deaths of those who follow them. But for a cursed few, obsession reaches beyond the grave and drags them into an eternal torment of striving without rest or reward.

  • Arron Ivy

    Arron Ivy was a sailor aboard the _Infernus_ three years ago when it ran aground on Bonewrack Isle. The ship had been carrying some ghouls, which escaped. Ivy thought that he was that last survivor of the ship. Beset by ghouls and already suffering from …

  • Balafin

    _“Fear the Eye of Abendego!”_ Balafin was in [[Port Peril]] looking for work when the _Quipper_ was hiring, but [[:leitauk|Captain Leitauk]] refused to take her on board.

  • Moray Jove

    Captain Jove wanted to be a pirate hunter, but he ended up getting all of his officers killed and starving his crew. In the end, he wasn't mourned when the hobgoblins slew him (albeit in self-defence).

  • Jolanera

    Jolanera is a nightwing, a monstrosity with massive, night-black wings and an ever-hungering mouth who delights in extinguishing magic as much as snuffing out the spark of life. Like all nightshades, her only interest in the world of the living is …

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