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  • Wormwood Ship's Store

    The following items are for sale. If you purchase something from the list, please edit this page to show that it is no longer for sale. If more than one of an item is available, the quantity for sale is in parentheses. h4. Armour *banded mail*: 250 …

  • Conchobhar Turlach Shortstone

    Conchobhar Shortstone is a handsome, honey-tongued gnome who wears a foppish purple hat, an eye patch, and a white silk shirt, and carries a dandyish cane. His appearance is that of someone pretending to be a pirate, rather than a true buccaneer. He …

  • Cut-Throat Grok

    Cut-Throat Grok is the Wormwood's quartermaster, a no-nonsense character with a huge scar across her neck. Grok is a reedy half-orc who favours dark clothing. She carries a notched greataxe and an array of throwing axes hangs from her belt. Grok …

  • Riaris Krine

    Krine’s skin is darkened from countless days on deck under the sun, and her nose has the appearance of having been broken several times over. One of her legs has been replaced with a wooden peg leg, the result of a wayward catapult shot that took off her …

  • Caulky Tarroon

    Caulky serves as [[:barnabas-harrigan|Captain Harrigan]]'s steward aboard the _Wormwood_. The crew refer to her as his "cabin girl". She has come to respect [[:malikor]], though she wouldn't consider them fast friends.

  • Barefoot Samms Toppin

    Barefoot woke up aboard the _Wormwood_ at the same time as the PCs. She is ambitious to become a rigger. Barefoot feels she has good rapport with [[:marqua]].

  • Jack Scrimshaw

    Jack is nearly fourteen years old, and he is living the dream. He is pretty intimidated by all the officers, but as long as he stays away from them he can spend some of his time sailing and the rest of his time carving scrimshaw. He tells anyone who …

  • Ratline Rattsberger

    Ratline is a rat-faced halfling with long arms and three missing fingers. He loves his job as a rigger, and is careful to minimize his cantact with officers so that he never risks demotion to swab. h4. Play History h6. 2013 *November 8* Corey

  • Habbly Quarne

    Habbly is both the ship’s surgeon and the ship's carpenter. He is wary of [[:sandara-quinn | Sandara Quinn]] out of concern for his job, but gets along well with [[:malikor]].

  • Peppery Longfarthing

    Peppery Longfarthing is an old friend of [[:barnabas-harrigan|the captain]]. She was the sailing master when the hobgoblins first joined the _Wormwood_'s crew. She can apparently make fog appear around the crew of target ships so that they have trouble …

  • Patch Patchsalt

    Patch Patchsalt is the [[:master-scourge|boatswain]]'s mate. She has a well-earned reputation as a sycophant of [[:plugg|Plugg]] (the first mate) and Scourge (the boatswain). She can supposedly blind people with magic. h4. Play History h6. 2013 …

  • Shivikah

    Shivikah is well over six feet tall, and she likes to loom over people. She keeps her hair short. Shivikah acts like a bit of a loner, keeping to herself whenever possible.

  • Aretta Bansion

    They say Aretta has a temper as big as her ears. She seems perpetually grouchy, and has taken a dislike to most of the hobgoblins. She makes a show of always agreeing with [[:master-scourge|the boatswain]]. She and [[:fipps-chumlett]] ambushed [[:oknarok …

  • Maheem

    Maheem is a rigger from [[Rahadoum]]. He is tall and muscular, and wears a permanent scowl. He was backing up [[:master-scourge|the boatswain]] when the PCs first woke up.

  • Jakes Magpie

    Magpie was a swab aboard the _Wormwood_. He confessed to stealing from the ship's store, and was keelhauled in punishment. This killed him.

  • Kipper

    Kipper holds the position of gunner's mate, serving as an assistant to [[:riaris-krine]]. He has enjoyed hanging out with [[:malikor]]. Kipper was badly burned when he was caught in an explosion of alchemist's fire aboard the _Man's Promise_.

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