Hornswoggling Hobgoblins

Paizo’s Skull & Shackles adventure path is about a bunch of people who get conscripted into a pirate crew and struggle to become the meanest folks on the sea. In this campaign, the conscripts are hobgoblins on the run from their tribe, having left during the year they had to prove themselves worthy of being Privates in the hobgoblin military.

Their goal: become the greatest pirates ever, proving that they are worthy of being Privates!

Infamy & Disrepute

Infamy 49 (maximum 63)
Disrepute 24


1/5 Infamy gained in Ilizmagorti
3/5 Infamy gained in Magnimar
2/5 Infamy gained in Riddleport
1/5 Infamy gained in Cassomir
1/5 Infamy gained in Senghor

Highest Achieved Threshold Loathsome
Highest Possible Threshold Vile
Next Threshold Vile (55 Infamy)

Hornswoggling Hobgoblins

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