male monstrous humanoid


Hairy was hired by Captain Leitauk in Port Peril in late Pharast, 4712. He is aware that the Quipper used to be the Man’s Promise.

Hairy was part of the team that assaulted Crown Island and recovered the Pirate Queen’s Pearl. He was left on Crown Island under the command of Sandara Quinn with instructions to remove the vegepygmy infestation.

His share of plunder awaiting him on the Quipper is 410 gp, 7 sp, 1 cp. It is being held for him by Dolgrin Rotagar.

Hairy was killed by an assassin vine. His body was burned, and his ashes were sent out to sea. Before his death, Hairy converted to the worship of Besmara, and was very devout.

Play History


October 10 Corey
October 24 Corey
November 21 Corey
December 3 Kurt
December 10 Kurt


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