Crazy Krooz


male human


Crazy Krooz giggles a lot, and seems perpetually unhealthy. He has declared that true alchemy can only be done at sea, since the motion of waves is crucial to the delicate blending of ingredients. With this in mind he went to Port Peril in late Pharast of 4712. There he was hired by Captain Leitauk to serve aboard the Man’s Promise. He was present in Rickety’s Squibs when the Man’s Promise became the Quipper.

On Desnus 23, 4712, he was a member of team “The Great Ninja” in the Wholesome Harvest scavenger hunt, alongside Aja, Grimbilnuk, Quivering Cora, and Smooth Tommie.

Crazy Krooz was sailing aboard the Red Delight with Captain Quinn when the Hurricane King captured the ship. The crew was forcibly dispersed to other ships of the royal fleet, and Krooz was no exception.

Play History


July 18 Warren
December 5 Warren

Crazy Krooz

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