Lady Love

Malikor's Lady Love


female humanoid, somewhat humanish, and even a little elf-like


Malikor was out in the jungle looking for a quick fix of the mushrooms to which he had become addicted, when he met a strange but beautiful woman. Their affair was brief but intense, and while they shared no language they had no trouble expressing their desires.

Before Malikor left for his Year of Hell, his lady love gave him a magical tankard.

She’s taller than Malikor, but not as muscular. She has long red hair, and favours the colour green.

Others know her as “The Baroness”. She is apparently a rival in some way to both the fey queen and Royce Rue.

She was aboard the Kraken alongside Royce Rue and another fey at the beginning of the Free Captains’ Regatta. This was the first time Malikor had seen her since the beginning of his Year of Hell.

Lady Love

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