Precise Strike

Arcane Magic


Weapon Focus


Languages: Taldane, Goblin


Raised in a family of mostly males with a hereditary disposition to cruelty, Malikor learned to hide weakness the moment he was born. His uncle is a well-known warrior and Malikor aspires to be just like him, but at the same time he is terrified of being a disappointment.

Malikor believes pain makes you strong. He and his brothers would go into the forest and experiment eating random plants and licking mushrooms as a test of strength, but then quickly became addicted to ones of certain properties. Right before his year of hell, he had a brief but passionate affair with someone he met in the forest while looking for a quick fix.

Malikor’s most prized possession is his wonderful tankard of instant beer which his lady love made for him. It is inscribed with something nice and/or important and/or magical as during their last meeting, she gestured that he should keep the tankard safe. Or maybe she wanted to tell him he had a stain on his shirt. And maybe it just says “Made in Golarion”. They never quite got the hang of communicating with each other.


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