Maxevale Janis

Captain of the Motaku Maiden, Lord of Rapier Bay


male human


Pirate lord Maxevale Janis has led the rowdy settlement of Rapier Bay since the death of his predecessor six years ago. Captain of the galleon Motaku Maiden, Maxevale’s is a voice that can be counted on to back up Lady Tessa when the Pirate Council meets in Port Peril. In fact, it has earned him the derisive nickname “the Puppy,” a moniker no man dares to say to his face.

He and his fleet besieged Crown Island in an attempt to recover the Pirate Queen’s Pearl from Red Skewer Tarin. After the hobgoblins returned it to him he promised that if any of them ever came up as candidates for the Pirate Council then they would have his vote.

Maxevale attended the party on the Island of Empty Eyes celebrating Wide Olga’s return to life.

Maxevale Janis

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