Peppery Longfarthing

first mate of the Wormwood


female human

Hero Points 1 (for the write-up for November 13, 2015)


Peppery Longfarthing is an old friend of the captain. She was the sailing master when the hobgoblins first joined the _Wormwood_’s crew.

She can apparently make fog appear around the crew of target ships so that they have trouble sailing away.

She became the acting first officer when Mister Plugg took the Man’s Promise in order to sell it in Port Peril. This appointment was made permanent when Captain Harrigan learned of Plugg’s death. She took command after Harrigan’s death.

Peppery seems to like the hobgoblins, and went easy on them during negotiations for them gaining their own ship.

Peppery Longfarthing

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