Red Starling


female blue kobold alchemist


Red Starling is a practicing alchemist who wants to stay out of the sun and, ideally, out of sight altogether. She was in Port Peril in late Pharast, 4712, where she was hired by Captain Leitauk to serve as a swab aboard the Man’s Promise. She is aware that the ship has been squibbed as the Quipper.

Red Starling was part of the failed expedition to rescue Kelpflower after she was kidnapped by sahuagin.

She was left on Crown Island under the command of Sandara Quinn with instructions to clear the island of vegepygmies. She survived, though the expedition was a failure.

Red Starling was one of ten crew members selected to stay aboard the Quipper when Sandara took command of the Truewind.

Red Starling is part of the permanent staff on the Island of Empty Eyes, and she is happy that she no longer has to spend time in the sun aboard ship.

Play History


November 8 Corey
December 3 Ryan
December 10 Ryan

Red Starling

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