Smiling Seth Farharbour



male human


Smiling Seth and his pet parrot Tukama have played a song in every port worth mentioning and a few that aren’t. Seth plays his hornpipe and Tukama gets fed by the people enjoying the songs.

Smiling Seth and Tukama sailed aboard the Red Delight with Captain Quinn.

Smiling Seth successfully led Grimbilnuk Malatina, Treason, and Yuku on a mission to rescue Captain Quinn, Woo, and Zamna Kwol from the Pure Legion in Azir.

Smiling Seth was captured by the Hurricane King when the officers and crew of the Red Delight attempted to storm Fort Hazard to rescue Tilly Brackett. He was later rescued by the hobgoblins, but not until after the Red Delight belonged to someone else.

Play History


June 12 Chiara
July 10 Patricia


January 2 Tagg

Smiling Seth Farharbour

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