Steel Semma



female construct


Steel Semma is never seen outside her suit of full plate armour. She doesn’t even raise the visor if she’s in company, and insists on always eating alone. She sleeps on the floor of the hold instead of in a hammock.

She was in Port Peril in late Pharast, 4712. While there she was hired by Captain Leitauk to work aboard the Man’s Promise. She was present in Rickety’s Squibs when the Man’s Promise was squibbed to become the Quipper.

She was left on Crown Island under the command of Sandara Quinn with instructions to kill all the vegepygmies. While there she accidentally revealed that she is actually an animated suit of armour.

Steel Semma was slain by a lightning elemental during the Free Captains’ Regatta.

Play History


December 3 Ryan
December 10 Ryan


July 10 Corey

Steel Semma

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