Tilly Brackett

alcoholic gunslinger


female human


Tilly learned to be a gunslinger from a lover, Dirana Llanalir, who has since died.

Tilly has a reputation among her fellow swabs as a tough joker who likes her rum.

She is an alcoholic, but is on the road to recovery now that Oknarok has returned her beloved pistol to her. She is very grateful to him. She transferred to the Man’s Promise at the same time as he did.

Tilly went missing during a storm, right around the time that grindylows attacked. She lost her right leg during her captivity. She was rescued by the PCs. Marqua purchased a prosthetic right leg for her, which she wore until she purchased a casting of regenerate from Snapnail in Port Peril.

Tilly is aware that the crew is secretly working for Captain Harrigan. She also knows that the Quipper used to be the Man’s Promise.

Tilly was sailing aboard the Red Delight with Captain Quinn when she was captured by a bounty hunter and turned over to the Hurricane King to be shipped off to Alkenstar. The officers and crew of the Red Delight attempted to storm Fort Hazard and rescue her, but they failed and were captured. Tilly was later rescued by the hobgoblins, but by then the Red Delight belonged to someone else.

Play History


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Tilly Brackett

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