Uluha the Brave



female human


Uluha the Brave left her tribe in the Mwangi expanse and journeyed to Port Peril in response to the call of the sea. She arrived in late Pharast, 4712, and was immediately hired on to the Man’s Promise by Captain Leitauk. She was present in Rickety’s Squibs when the Man’s Promise was squibbed to become the Quipper.

Uluha started work on the Quipper as a swab. She transferred to the Truewind under Captain Quinn, then to Death’s Servant under Captain Cogward. She also served under Captain Pid. She was promoted to rigger and transferred back to the Quipper after the big party.

She created her stone greataxe (which she has named “Mean Slate”) as a little girl.

Uluha battled for Janjurajay’s leadership of the Mappel Mopp Hoozin alongside Lacey, Merisiel, Quivering Cora, and Scars.

Play History


December 19 Kyle

Uluha the Brave

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