Zamna Kwol


female middle-aged human


Zamna Kwol is a washerwoman, which is the career she assumes that her son will take up when he grows up.

Zamna challenged Captain Smuggles to a drinking contest.

She requested a leave of absence to stay in Beachcomber on Arodus 14. She was collected by the Quipper about two months later.

Zamna is sailed aboard the Red Delight with Captain Quinn as steward.

When the Red Delight was forced to dock in Azir for repairs Zamna was captured by the Pure Legion, as were Captain Quinn and Woo. (Apparently the Pure Legion mistakenly thought that Zamna was a cleric, for some reason.) They were rescued by Smiling Seth Farharbour, Malatina, Grimbilnuk, Treason, and Yuku. Zamna lost most of her gear at that time, so now she wears her Pure Legion prisoner jumpsuit and a Pure Legion breastplate.

Zamna was captured by the Hurricane King when the officers and crew of the Red Delight attempted to storm Fort Hazard and rescue Tilly Brackett. She was later rescued by the hobgoblins, but not before the Red Delight belonged to someone else.

Zamna Kwol

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