The Vampire Queen


female demon lord of blood, cannibalism, and vampires


Zura rose from the corpse of an Azlanti queen who succumbed to a lust for eternal life and the flesh of her own kind. Scholars point to Zura’s acts as the start of Azlant’s fall into decadence, and perhaps even one of the catalysts for the Age of Darkness that followed. Even today, thousands of years later, tales of her hideous banquets and baths of blood persist as legends. While many tried to assassinate her, it was her own exuberance for blood that saw her soul spiralling into the Abyss after an accidental suicide tryst with several consorts. Yet such was the weight of her sin that when her soul arrived, she rose immediately as a powerful creature—a succubus vampire who swiftly went on to gain incredible power. She became a demon lord long before Earthfall, and had that event not shattered Azlant, her growing cult in many of Azlant’s cities may well have done the job of undermining that nation anyway.


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