Efficient Quiver… stocked with black fletched arrows

Zarrnok's Quiver


This appears to be a typical arrow container capable of holding about 20 arrows. It has three distinct portions, each with a nondimensional space allowing it to store far more than would normally be possible. The first and smallest one can contain up to 60 objects of the same general size and shape as an arrow. The second slightly longer compartment holds up to 18 objects of the same general size and shape as a javelin. The third and longest portion of the case contains as many as 6 objects of the same general size and shape as a bow (spears, staffs, or the like). Once the owner has filled it, the quiver can quickly produce any item she wishes that is within the quiver, as if from a regular quiver or scabbard. Zarrnok’s Quiver weighs the same no matter what’s placed inside it.

Objects are retrieved from Zarrnok’s Quiver by willing them to appear. The larger two compartments act normally, but the smallest compartment only provides arrows. Anything else placed into that portion of the quiver seems permanently inaccessible, though arrows added can be retrieved. This is unnecessary, however, as the compartment appears to have an inexhaustible supply of black-fletched longbow arrows.


An efficient quiver that Zarrnok traded, cajoled, and paid for over the course of his military training. As a designated marksman in his squad, a blind eye was turned to this non-standard uniform addition. What sets this quiver apart is the multitude of black-fletched arrows stocked within; somewhat strange given the light grey fletchings typically used by hobgoblin military archers.

Soon after Zarrnok arrived on the Wormwood, the quiver was given to Badger Medlar by the boatswain. Zarrnok retrieved it by gambling, challenging her to single combat and putting up his spot on the Man’s Promise as his stake.

Zarrnok left the quiver with a loremaster in Senghor in hopes of learning more about it.

Efficient Quiver… stocked with black fletched arrows

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