Gong of Vexing Ringing

musical instrument

Aura minor illusion; CL 3; Weight 1 lb

The gong of vexing ringing is a flat disk of iron etched with tiny images of mystic creatures with powers tied to sound or voice (banshees, sirens, satyrs) dancing around the centre of the gong.

Once per day, the gong can be thrown at a target. This is a ranged touch attack, with a range increment of 10 feet. If the gong hits a target, it sticks to the target and begins to vibrate. Though it makes no noise that can be heard by anyone else, the target hears the gong constantly making loud and distracting booms and clashes. The target is deafened by noise only it can hear as long as the gong is attached to it. The gong can be removed as a standard action with a DC 25 Strength check, and it falls off of its own accord after 3 minutes.


This gong was given to Leitauk as a bribe to allow Lawful Lem to join the crew of the Quipper.

Gong of Vexing Ringing

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