Magic Tankard


This beautifully engraved silver tankard can turn any liquid into beer. It is inscribed with words in a language Malikor cannot read without magical assistance, and the engraving depicts a scene Malkior does not understand.

Aura strong divination, necromancy, and transmutation; CL 13;
Slot none; Weight 4 lb

Activating the item (a standard action that provokes attacks of opportunity) converts any liquid contained within it into beer. This ability requires an hour to recharge.


The tankard was given to Malikor by his lady love. It was taken from him (along with all his other gear) when he was press-ganged into working on the Wormwood, but it somehow turned up again in his locker. Later, after it was thrown out to see, it once again reappeared in his locker.

The words say “Remember me and drink often, my love!”

Magic Tankard

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