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  • Scribble

    Scribble is old, even for a dwarf, and has seen many strange things in his decades as a sailor. Though he sports a severe limp (his speed is reduced to 15 ft.), Scribble can still out-think most of his fellow crewmembers and can still swing his

  • Croaker

    Croaker suffered a sword blow to his throat years ago and now can only speak with a hoarse whisper. He is a tall (6 5), gangly man in his mid-twenties with a pockmarked face, greasy blond hair, and an unkempt beard. His mouth is a ruin of broken,

  • Kraken

    Kraken left his birth name behind years ago. Hes a powerfully built half-orc with a clean-shaven head, feral red eyes, and a grotesquely cauliflower left ear. Tattoos of intertwining dragons, sea serpents, sharks, and nude women cover his head and

  • Velvryssa

    Velvryssa is a willowy, dark-haired young woman who has a reputation on the Angler Fish for gambling, hard drinking, and promiscuity.

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