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  • Woo

    Woo just wants to kill people and take their stuff. As a cleric of Gorum shes eager to kill lots of people then die in battle so that she can join her lord for eternity. She has only recently found religion, but she has embraced in

  • Jelga Norasdottir

    Jelga has worked on ships for much of her life. She journeyed from the Ulfen lands to Port Peril, where she is looking to spend some time making money and building her fortune before returning home. She was hired in late Pharast, 4712, by

  • Oloweta

    Oloweta was one of the people who gathered food for the slaves in Kamaba, before the Quipper freed all of the slaves and deprived her of work.

    Her usual method of gathering food was to

  • Balahuto

    Balahuto was a dock guard in Kamaba. He rarely interacted with the slaves, since he was more concerned with village security than property management. This may be why, when the slaves were freed, he had

  • Kroto 'Bloodfish' Mok

    Kroto Mok worked for Vakarla as a wrecker, but joined the crew of the Quipper after her death.

    He compulsively flexes after doing something he thinks is impressive.

    He took his magical greatsword from a sergeant of the Fist in

  • Merisiel

    Merisiel was tentatively accepted by the cyclopes of the Island of Empty Eyes, right up until they decided to eat him. At that point he switched sides and is now a member of the crew of the Dagons Bastard.

    Merisiel only has one

  • Traknoklor

    Please hire me. Please. Ill do anything.

    Traknoklor was hired in Port Peril on Neth 9, 4712.

    • has the words coward and traitor branded on his forehead in Goblin
    • formerly of the Bristling Mob

  • Shorty

    I have a shortsword!

    Shorty met the hobgoblins when he walked up to Oknarok and tried to poke him with his shortsword in order to collect the bounty. They were impressed with him, and offered him a spot on the crew. He

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