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  • Vakarla

    Vakarla was captain of the crew of wreckers that destroyed the Ladys Sting (among other ships). She was captured aboard the Quipper and sacrificed by Oknarok to the

  • Woo

    Woo just wants to kill people and take their stuff. As a cleric of Gorum shes eager to kill lots of people then die in battle so that she can join her lord for eternity. She has only recently found religion, but she has embraced in

  • Kroto 'Bloodfish' Mok

    Kroto Mok worked for Vakarla as a wrecker, but joined the crew of the Quipper after her death.

    He compulsively flexes after doing something he thinks is impressive.

    He took his magical greatsword from a sergeant of the Fist in

  • Kraken

    Kraken left his birth name behind years ago. Hes a powerfully built half-orc with a clean-shaven head, feral red eyes, and a grotesquely cauliflower left ear. Tattoos of intertwining dragons, sea serpents, sharks, and nude women cover his head and

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