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  • Bloodcove

    Bloodcove is a unique settlement perched on the very boundary of civilization and a great vastness of unknown wilderness. Most maps that depict Bloodcove typically show only a blank area to the east marked simply with the words Mwangi Expanse. The town

  • Nalt's Island

    The tale of smuggler Nalt Tarbrows rise to power, descent into madness, and self-immolation is well known across the Shackles and beyond. While those events are nearly 100 years past, the

  • Shark Island

    Many mariners who come to the Shackles dream of accumulating enormous wealth and living in luxury, perhaps retiring to their own little tropical islands. The reality is often much harsher than the fantasy, perhaps nowhere more so than Shark Island. The

  • Senghor

    Isolated on the southern end of the Bay of Senghor, the Caldaru people of the bays namesake city of Senghor are distinct from their fellow Mwangi natives, both racially and linguistically. Relatively tall, with straight dark hair, green eyes, and skin

  • Rickety's Squibs

    Ricketys Squibs refits and modifies the lines and profiles of
    ships without changing a ships size, characteristics, or deck
    layout, providing both discretion and a new identity for a price. These rebuilt vessels are referred to as squibs

  • Crown's End

    After the original landing at the harbour in what is now Eleder, a group of Chelish colonials split off and settled on a high bluff overlooking the northern part of Desperation Bay. Although they established friendly relations with the nearby Ijo, a

  • Ilizmagorti

    Called the Scum Tide City by the civilized nations of Golarion, Ilizmagorti is known to the pirates and scoundrels who frequent her docks as the Black Pearl of the Tropics. That duality defines the city, and is present in almost all aspects of life in

  • Pezzack

    For years, Pezzack has been the only port in Imperial Cheliax willing to turn a blind eye to Shackles pirates and trade with them. Word is that the House of Thrune has turned their attention to the

  • Drenchport

    The dour city of Drenchport huddles on Tempest Cay. Its storm-lashed buildings are built of waterlogged driftwood and flotsam from wrecked ships. An infamous tavern called the Drowned Dwarf stands

  • Neruma

    This trading enclave on the shores of the Terwa River is one of the few mainland settlements in the Shackles. Neruma deals in the shipment of artifacts and slaves from the Mwangi Expanse and the Sodden Lands, providing an extra source of income for the

  • Ollo

    The people of the wretched port of Ollo are sullen and fearful, for the sahuagin that live just off Shark Island regularly raid the town for food and plunder with the permission of the communitys

  • Quent

    The second-busiest harbour in the archipelago
    after Port Peril, raucous Quent lies on the picturesque
    bay that bears the same name. Sheltered from surf and
    storm by large barrier

  • Hell Harbour

    Numerous imps roost on the rooftops of this port, giving the anchorage its name. Hell Harbour is famous as the home of the Shackles sole opera house, the Three-Horned Hall, which hosts numerous productions of High Chelish Opera in the original Azlanti

  • Port Freedom

    Eleder may be the only deepwater port in Sargava capable of receiving the massive ships required to circumnavigate the Eye of Abendego, but that doesnt mean its the only port in the nation. Situated farther south, along the banks of the Korir River

  • Azir

    Visitors to Rahadoum often arrive via ship at Azir (known by many as Port Godless) to trade for the countrys fine cloth, exotic produce, and priceless gemstones. Yet despite the lure of trade,

  • Kamaba

    Kamaba is a former slaver village on the west coast of Garund, south of the Shackles. It was attacked and looted by the officers and crew of the Quipper on Gozran 17, 4712. On that day, all of the slaves were freed.


  • Botosani

    Botosani is the third largest port in Rahadoum, after Azir and Manaket.

    Hearsay that a powerful cult of Iomedae has taken root in Botosani with

  • Spellscar Desert

    Magic ebbs and flows over the Spellscar Desert in unseen waves. Where it ebbs, magic fails. Where it rises, primal magic reigns. But these currents swirl beneath the desert as well. Magic seeps through the sand into caverns below, flowing along lines of

  • Untego

    Untego is a slaver village on the west coast of Garund, south of the Shackles.

  • Hosetu

    Hosetu is a slaver village on the west coast of Garund, south of the Shackles.

  • Tempest Cay

    Lashed more days than not by relentless storms thrown off by the Eye of Abendego, the island of Tempest Cay is an unlikely place for any kind of permanent settlement, let alone a major town

  • Alkenstar

    The city-state of Alkenstar has gained an unexpected level of power despite its tiny size, through the invention of firearms, a necessity for survival in the harsh, magic-dead region known as the Mana Wastes. Beyond just firearms and weaponry, the

  • Tidewater Rock

    A squat castle called Tidewater Rock commands a modest, protected harbour on a remote island south of Motaku Isle. It is said that anyone who can claim Tidewater Rock as her own will have good luck, as the castle makes a strategic watch point from which

  • Cheliax

    Arodens death just over a century ago changed the empire of Cheliax forever, as vassal states quickly rebelled and Cheliax itself fell into a bloody 30-year civil war that was quelled only by the kingdoms current diabolical aristocracythe Thrice-

  • Rapier Bay

    As a port of Motaku Isle, Rapier Bay is a distant second to Quent, but it serves the needs of pirates who would rather draw less attention to themselves while sailing near the island. It is famous

  • Motaku Isle

    Motaku Isle is both the largest island of the Shackles and its most geographically diverse. Most of it remains untamed wilderness, despite the four thriving settlements that line the north and west coasts. Past those sandy beaches, the rich and deadly

  • Lilywhite

    The smallest of Motakus settlements, Lilywhite was founded thirty years ago by two ship captains: Delemona Burie of the sloop Winsome Lass and Shaggard Halleck of the barkentine

  • Riddleport

    This city is a solution for those who find
    law of any sort oppressive, and serves as a safe harbour for
    mercenaries, thieves, bandits, and pirates of all cuts. Tales of
    bandits ruling the streets, of muggings and murder taking

  • Thuvia

    Although consisting primarily of desert wastes
    haunted by powerful outsiders and deadly
    monsters, the land of Thuvia is a prosperous and vital nation thanks to a single rare plantthe sun orchid, from which Thuvian alchemists have developed

  • Besmara's Throne

    Worshipers of the pirate goddess Besmara are expected to make pilgrimages to this holy island at least once in their lifetimes. Those who manage to navigate the treacherous inlets and strange creatures that inhabit the misty isle might win a sign of the

  • Cannibal Islands

    The violent natives known as the kuru make their homes in these dense jungle isles. Those few who have escaped the lands whisper of unspeakable sacrifices and the inhabitants inhuman Blood Queen.

  • Raptor Island

    Aside from the few residents of Fort Holiday, this island is the domain of primeval creatures, particularly brightly feathered deinonychuses.

  • Rahadoum

    Visitors to Rahadoum often arrive via ship at Azir
    (known by many as Port Godless) to trade for the
    countrys fine cloth, exotic produce, and priceless
    gemstones. Yet despite the lure

  • Nisroch

    The most populous city in Nidal, Nisroch is
    also the least controlled. Here, the lesser nobility of the
    Umbral Court contend against one another as often as they
    hunt out apostates and other traitors. Although Nisrochs
    ports are

  • Halgrim

    Situated on the Ironbound Archipelago,
    Halgrim is led by a female king (the term is used for both
    genders) named White Estrid, a pale warrior with almost
    white hair and striking blue eyes. Estrid does not possess
    the traditional

  • Lake of Scales

    Up the Greenscale River on Shark Island is the Lake of Scales. An overgrown islet in the centre of the queer, hourglass-shaped lake is said to be the resting place of ancient

  • Ushinawa Isles

    The story goes that nearly two centuries ago, seven
    ships from Minkai, led by an eccentric samurai
    patriarch named Tanagowu Useme, found their
    way to the Shackles. Useme and his rowdy followers had
    grown disillusioned with the

  • Genzei

    Genzei, City of Lanterns, is the functioning
    capital of the Ushinawa Isles, from which the descendants of
    Useme have reigned these many years, though not without

  • Pangalley Atoll

    Pangalley Atoll is claimed as home by the crew of the Screaming Reaver, an armoured sloop-of-war that bears a reputation as one of the most infamous pirate vessels currently sailing the Shackles. It became notorious for capturing merchant ships

  • Paeterpade

    More than two hundred years ago, the elf sorcerer Hegesander of Manaket came upon the isle of Paeterpade, its grassy hills empty save for a tall tower of Ghol-Gan construction at its centre.

  • Sai Riang's Refuge

    Tian-Shu pirate Sai Riang long ago left a life of
    piracy and founded a monastery on this island, where
    buccaneers who have grown weary of their profligate
    lives may take the cowl and join her strange Order of
    Infinite Emptiness.

  • Bag Island

    Home to the highest concentration of halflings in the Shackles, Bag Island and its residents have a tragic history, many of the halflings dwelling on the island being newly freed slaves who once belonged to nobles of the

  • Beachcomber

    The town of Beachcomber is made up
    of mostly halflings, but it is also known for its Lurker
    District, which boasts a surprising number of liberated
    half-orcs. Despite its inviting name, Beachcomber is
    the rowdiest town on

  • Rampore Isles

    The Vudrani sailors who have come to the Shackles have long tended to settle on the Rampore Isles, named after some long-forgotten captain or vessel. The town of Ghrinitshahara once so resembled the hamlets and villages of the distant Kingdom of Vudra

  • Magnimar

    Built in the shadow of megaliths, Magnimar endlessly endeavours to surpass the overwhelming scale and grandeur of the ancient wonders that litter the Varisian landscape. A place of great opportunity, social stress, and cold beauty, the city exudes the

  • Sedeq

    The settlement of Sedeq, south of the Zho Mountains, is a place of warm breezes, lush gardens, and frequent desperate pleas and screams, for it the heart of the Qadiran slave trade. There, captured slaves are broken, shorn, and made ready for sale. What

  • Merab

    Merab is the largest of the Thuvian city-states and is generally considered the countrys capital. Many of its greatest minds follow in the footsteps of Artokus (who developed the

  • Hinji

    Pristine and orderly at first glance, the coastal city of Hinji is a complex place rife with terrible secrets and witness to a fraught history. The city once teemed with noble families who grew rich from the ports trade, but during the

  • Absalom

    Absalom is a massive metropolis, so vast that it is administered as several cities (districts) that happen to be adjacent to one another. The population was at its peak (351000) just before a series of quakes struck a decade or so ago, and is

  • Cassomir

    This large trade city on the Sellen River handles the river trade from the River Kingdoms and the Verduran Forest, as well as much of Taldors Inner Sea trade. While the Taldan navy is stationed in Oppara, its best shipyards are found in Cassomir.


  • Isle of Arenway

    The Isle of Arenway is located at the confluence of the Verduran Fork and Sellen River in central Taldor. Set in the heart of the Verduran Forest, it is the headquarters of the local druids of the

  • Bellis

    Bellis is a remote settlement in far northeastern Andoran along the banks of the Sellen River. Established as a lumber town, it now produces additional agricultural goods in addition to cut timber

  • Woodsedge

    The home of one of the fathers of the revolution, Darl Jubannich (who wrote the damning book On Government that helped start the Red Revolution), Woodsedge has always served as the traditional home for dissident thought and radical philosophies in Galt

  • Dabril

    The town of Dabril can be found on the Sellen River in the tumultuous nation of Galt, just south of Kallas Lake. It is across the river from Kyonin.

    Small Town


  • Xer

    Xer is an important port on the banks of Lake Encarthan and the Glass River. It serves as one of the two main port for all Razmiran, and much of the trade goods that flow from across the lake

  • Caliphas City

    Obsessions, traditions, innovations, and ambitions
    crash in a storm of secrets over Caliphas, the capital
    of the Immortal Principality of Ustalav. Over the
    ages, the fog has lifted from a certain rugged harbour on
    the northern

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