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  • Quent

    The second-busiest harbour in the archipelago
    after Port Peril, raucous Quent lies on the picturesque
    bay that bears the same name. Sheltered from surf and
    storm by large barrier

  • Rapier Bay

    As a port of Motaku Isle, Rapier Bay is a distant second to Quent, but it serves the needs of pirates who would rather draw less attention to themselves while sailing near the island. It is famous

  • Motaku Isle

    Motaku Isle is both the largest island of the Shackles and its most geographically diverse. Most of it remains untamed wilderness, despite the four thriving settlements that line the north and west coasts. Past those sandy beaches, the rich and deadly

  • Lilywhite

    The smallest of Motakus settlements, Lilywhite was founded thirty years ago by two ship captains: Delemona Burie of the sloop Winsome Lass and Shaggard Halleck of the barkentine

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