Hobgoblins in Avistan begin the Goblinblood Wars in Isger. Humans from Andoran, Cheliax, and Taldor help the locals fight against the invaders.


The Goblinblood Wars end with many dead and no borders changed from before the wars began.


Bikendi Otongu wins the Free Captain Regatta. Part of his prize is ownership of the Island of Empty Eyes.


Oathday, Calistril 11: Certain members of Squad 7 encounter each other in the Formidably Maid tavern in Port Peril. They are poisoned.
Fireday, Calistril 12: The hobgoblins wake up aboard the Wormwood alongside Badger Medlar, “Barefoot” Samms Toppin, Conchobhar Turlach Shortstone, and Sandara Quinn. The boatswain rousts them and escorts them for inspection by the captain. Malikor is assigned as cook’s mate, Zarrnok becomes a rigger, and the others are all swabs. At the end of the day Jakes Magpie dies from being keelhauled.
Starday, Calistril 13: The hobgoblins begin their day with calisthenics and an inspection, which makes them late. They all get flogged for this. Malikor is forced to prepare all of the day’s food by himself, and does very well. Marqua befriends Sandara, who casts a cure spell on her to help with the damage received the previous day from falling from the mast. That evening Zarrnok and Leitauk meet Owlbear Hartshorn.

Sunday, Calistril 14: The hobgoblins are feeling the effects of the enforced rum rations, and are beginning to take action to dispose of it. Oknarok spends the day seasick. Marqua does an exceptional job catching rats, but receives no recognition for it. She catches one more rat and, in the dead of night, puts it in Badger‘s hammock with her. Badger’s startled screams wake up everyone.
Moonday, Calistril 15: The hobgoblins are forced to clear “a monster” out of the bilges. This turns out to be six dire rats, which they kill. Badger receives lashes from a cat-o-nine-tails.
Toilday, Calistril 16: After supper Mister Plugg announces that the gobbos will be giving a fighting demonstration, and brings Owlbear Hartshorn onto the deck to fight one of them. Malikor accepts the challenge, and defeats Owlbear. Mister Plugg is resentful, but gives up the purse he’d promised as a prize.
Wealday, Calistril 17: During her work shift Marqua speaks to the captain. He is displeased with her as a result. It rains very hard. Master Scourge throw’s Malikor’s magical stein through a porthole, and it sinks into the ocean.
Oathday, Calistril 18: The waters have become somewhat stormy. Malikor discovers his stein in his locker. Marqua spends the day in the sweatbox, and passes out. Oknarok receives several lashes with the cat for his third offence dumping his rum, and also passes out.
Fireday, Calistril 19: There is a very bad storm. Everyone works a double shift, and the Wormwood manages to get through the storm without any major damage.
Starday, Calistril 20: Everyone works their day jobs without resting first. The weather is slightly better, but it is still raining hard.

Sunday, Calistril 21: The crew does their work and things are starting to return to normal.
Moonday, Calistril 22: The hobgoblins are sent to a reef to catch crabs, and end up catching two reefclaws as well. The captain is very pleased and orders the quartermaster to give Malikor all his looted gear.
Toilday, Calistril 23: The hobgoblins continue to establish contacts among the rest of the crew.
Wealday, Calistril 24: Heat wave. The Wormwood continues to sail, seeking a target for piracy. Leitauk suffers from food poisoning. Oknarok acquires a broken musket.
Oathday, Calistril 25: Heat wave. Marqua casts purify food and drink on the rum.
Fireday, Calistril 26: Riaris Krine teaches the rookie pirates how to board a ship. That evening, Marqua swaps some holy water with Cut-Throat Grok for a datura flower.
Starday, Calistril 27: During the day a giant squid attacks the Wormwood, but the captain dispatches it by himself.

Sunday, Calistril 28: The Wormwood continues on.
Moonday, Calistril 29: Mister Plugg starts being more deliberate in his assignments, giving the hobgoblins the worst tasks.
Toilday, Calistril 30: Oknarok is ambushed in the bilges by Aretta Bansion and Fipps Chumlett.
Wealday, Calistril 31: Leap day. The lookout spies sails. The entire crew of the Wormwood works efficiently to catch up with their prey.
Oathday, Pharast 1: The Wormwood captures the Man’s Promise.
Fireday, Pharast 2: The entire day is spent in celebration. Zarrnok defeats Badger in a challenge fight, winning back his magical quiver.
Starday, Pharast 3: The Man’s Promise sails under the command of Mister Plugg.

Sunday, Pharast 4: The Man’s Promise has changed course in the night, and now seems to be heading toward either Bloodcove or Rickety’s Squibs.
Moonday, Pharast 5: The ship sails on. The sky gets cloudy.
Toilday, Pharast 6: There is a dreadful storm. Grindylows slither onto the ship. Sandara and Tilly go missing.
Wealday, Pharast 7: Everyone wakes up to discover that they’ve been shipwrecked. The hobgoblins take a boat to the nearby Bonewrack Isle in search of fresh water. They fight a giant eel and discover an old wooden compound, where they ally themselves with Arron Ivy. He leads them to a cave system, where they fight some grindylows and rescue Sandara.. Arron leads Sandara out of the cave, and Malikor rejoins the group. They fight more grindylows, and Zarrnok is captured. They make a deal to exchange the giant eel for his safe return, and then go sleep on the beach, near where their rowboat used to be.
Oathday, Pharast 8: They defeat the eel and take it to the grindylows, where they exchange it for Zarrnok. They kill two dolphins, which they exchange for Tilly. Several grindylows accompany them to the Man’s Promise, where they are ambushed by Plugg, Scourge, and several of the crew. The PCs kill Plugg and Scourge, and take over the ship.
Fireday, Pharast 9: The crew finishes repairing the Man’s Promise. Captain Fishguts reorganizes the crew.
Starday, Pharast 10: The Man’s Promise sets sail for Port Peril.

Sunday, Pharast 11-Toilday, Pharast 13: They sail.
Wealday, Pharast 14: They see a Taldane merchant ship that looks heavily armed. They arrive in Port Peril.
Oathday, Pharast 15: The crew of the Man’s Promise has shore leave. Atla, Conchobhar, and Narwhal jump ship.
Fireday, Pharast 16: The crew spends the day in Port Peril. Marqua is arrested for having an unlicensed animal.
Starday, Pharast 17: Malikor talks up the crew, gaining their first bit of infamy.

Sunday, Pharast 18: The Wormwood sails into Port Peril. The hobgoblins rejoin its crew and tell their story to First Mate Longfarthing. They are confined to the hold.
Moonday, Pharast 19: They sail toward Nalt’s Island.
Toilday, Pharast 20: They sail. There is heavy rain.
Wealday, Pharast 21: They sail. There is light rain.
Oathday, Pharast 22: They arrive at Nalt’s Island. They hobgoblins, Atla, and Narwhal kill a hill giant while attempting to acquire the Throne of Nalt for Captain Harrigan. They flee back to the Wormwood.
Fireday, Pharast 23: The begin the journey back to Port Peril.
Starday, Pharast 24: They sail.

Sunday, Pharast 25: They sail.
Moonday, Pharast 26: Late in the day they arrive back in Port Peril. The hobgoblins are told to take the Man’s Promise and get it squibbed, then assume new names and become pirates. They are to work in secret for Captain Harrigan, acquire a base, and build a fleet.
Toilday, Pharast 27-Oathday, Pharast 29: They hire new crew in Port Peril.
Fireday, Pharast 30: Early in the day they set sail from Port Peril heading for Rickety’s Squibs.
Starday, Gozran 1: They sail.

Sunday, Gozran 2: They sail.
Moonday, Gozran 3: Late in the day they arrive at Rickety’s Squibs and meet Rickety Hake.
Toilday, Gozran 4: They set out upriver in search of the cause of the drought. Sandara, Rosie, Tilly, Crazy Krooz, Jelga, and Woo defeat Selissa, and are hailed as heroes by the villagers.
Wealday, Gozran 5: The PCs and Giffer see an enormous toadstool. They meet some brownies working there, then encounter Royce Rue. They leave. Zarrnok gets sick. They set up camp, making sure that they create a lot of water in their drought-stricken area. Meanwhile, Sandara, Rosie, Tilly, Crazy Krooz, Jelga, and Woo drive away several wasp swarms, encounter Captain Pegsworthy, and defeat some wild boars. Woo befriends Rotgut.
Oathday, Gozran 6: Very early in the morning Royce Rue searches for the group. They flee. That morning they speak to Stub the brownie, who makes them an offer on behalf of his queen. They ask questions, which are answered by Grit the brownie. They decline the queen’s offer. Giffer receives a gift of a magical scrimshaw knife. They begin the trip back to Rickety’s. Leitauk’s lungs bother her.
Fireday, Gozran 7: In the early hours of the morning it starts to pour rain. It continues to rain all day. The group arrives back at Rickety’s late in the afternoon, where they are given free beer by the grateful residents.
Starday, Gozran 8: Leitauk tracks down her crew. Malikor and Oknarok tell stories of their daring.

Sunday, Gozran 9: Malikor, Oknarok, and Leitauk tell stories.
Moonday, Gozran 10: The Quipper is ready. Marqua christens it with live quippers. Leitauk’s lungs begin bothering her more.
Toilday, Gozran 11: The Quipper sails south. Leitauk and Zarrnok are clearly sick in some way, but Leitauk is worse.
Wealday, Gozran 12: They sail.
Oathday, Gozran 13: It rains. They sail on.
Fireday, Gozran 14: They sail, and near nightfall reach land.
Starday, Gozran 15: They search for a slaver village. Slipper Syl is in the crowsnest, and doesn’t see one.

Sunday, Gozran 16: They search for a slaver village. Marqua is in the crowsnest, and doesn’t see one.
Moonday, Gozran 17: They search for a slaver village. Oknarok is in the crowsnest, and spots one. They sneak to it under the cover of night, and kill the leaders and free the slaves.
Toilday, Gozran 18: The crew of the Quipper has shore leave in Kamaba. Grimbilnuk, Kelpflower, and Fuzzy Mela help Orgokra free the Rockswallow grippli tribe from the rule of Axmaw the bugbear. Fuzzy Mela claims one of the fallen as her spawn.
Wealday, Gozran 19: The Quipper sails away from Kamaba.
Oathday, Gozran 20: Following Dame Pancine’s directions, the Quipper sails toward the slaver village Untego.
Fireday, Gozran 21: Late in the day, the crew of the Quipper spots Untego, and notices another ship already docked there. Fuzzy Mela and Jeth the Spore immediately go ashore, desperate for soil and nutrients. A rather sick Yarrrnok remains in command of the Quipper. Dame Pancine, Giffer, Jelga, and Woo sneak into Untego from one direction while the captain, Feuertrunken, Boom-Boom and Ratsbane creep in from the other side of town. While Dame Pancine’s team frees all of the slaves, the captain’s team finds the officers of the ship and the leader of the town in negotiations, and defeats them. Feuertrunken is nearly beheaded, and in fact is momentarily dead until General Moloch intervenes and brings him back. While they are checking out the town headquarters, Giffer takes some frees slaves and sails away on the other ship.
Starday, Gozran 22: The group spends the day trying to generate infamy in Untego. They tell fun stories, but their infamy does not grow. The captain tries to fire Fuzzy Mela, but then doesn’t.

Sunday, Gozran 23: The Quipper sets sail. Mid-day, the hobgoblins are woken up because the crew is causing an uproar after Dame Pancine murdered Thanmo. Dame Pancine is mourning the loss of Dame Yaro. Zarrnok determines that Dame Yaro is on her way to the so-called haunted city of Boali. The Quipper didn’t approach too closely, but the hobgoblins and Dame Pancine rowed the rest of the way into the ghost town and found Dame Yaro. They freed her from being possessed by a shadow demon, then Dame Pancine rode her toward Hosetu.
Moonday, Gozran 24: The Quipper resumes course for Hosetu.
Toilday, Gozran 25: The Quipper sails.
Wealday, Gozran 26: Late in the day, the Quipper is approached by Dame Pancine on Dame Yaro, who tells them that there are hobgoblins in Hosetu. They determine that the Scarlet Tusk Regiment only consists of three hobgoblins, who leave. They slaves are freed, and Dame Pancine takes her leave of the hobgoblins. Malatina joins the crew of the Quipper.
Oathday, Gozran 27: The hobgoblins tell stories of their exploits. They enjoy themselves, but their infamy does not grow.
Fireday, Gozran 28: The Quipper sets sail for Senghor.
Starday, Gozran 29: The Quipper sails toward Senghor

Sunday, Gozran 30: The Quipper arrives in Senghor. The crew receives shore leave. The hobgoblins go shopping. They meet Onora Goldenfields, a travelling sage. That evening they put on a show, culminating in Boom-Boom fighting a giant centipede.
Moonday, Desnus 1: They tell stories of their greatness, earning a point of infamy. They put on another show.
Toilday, Desnus 2: They spend a third day in Senghor. They put a down payment on a divine scroll of monstrous lore. Shellhead seems to have a new host. That evening they put on another show.
Wealday, Desnus 3: They leave Senghor just before dawn.
Oathday, Desnus 4: They sail. Crimson Cogward requests to sell things to the quartermaster.
Fireday, Desnus 5: They sail.
Starday, Desnus 6: Late in the day, Sailing Master Syl has the captain woken up because of a column of smoke. The Quipper assaults the Famished Mane, capturing it. They rescue 14 sailors from the Vorsfang before it burns and sinks.

Sunday, Desnus 7: They sail toward Bloodcove.
Moonday, Desnus 8: They continue sailing.
Toilday, Desnus 9: They arrive in Bloodcove.
Wealday, Desnus 10: They ransom the captain of the Famished Mane, sell the ship, and leave port.
Oathday, Desnus 11-Starday, Desnus 13: They sail toward Crown Island in a leisurely fashion.

Sunday, Desnus 14: The Quipper approaches the blockade. The hobgoblins strike a deal with Maxevale Janis such that if they retrieve the Pirate Queen’s Pearl then he will vote for their inclusion on the Pirate Council (if someone else nominates them), make sure that Rapier Bay is a safe harbour for them, and give them 5000 gp. Late that night they row to Crown Island, taking along Hairy and Supreme Commander..
Moonday, Desnus 15: Soon after midnight they encounter vegepygmies, whom they defeat. They begin up the path to Tarin’s tower, but are ambushed by toxic assassin vines. Captain Leitauk dies, but is resuscitated. They retreat, and spend the daylight hours holed up in a cave on a nearby hill. That night they sneak back to the keep and slay Gren Trevak and Red Skewer Tarin. They recover the Pirate Queen’s Pearl. Meanwhile, the Quipper is raided; the crew chases off the raiders but Kelpflower is kidnapped.
Toilday, Desnus 16: Early in the morning the hobgoblins fire a catapult to prevent the Silver Narwhal from leaving Crown Island. They speak with Captain Devrol then allow her to leave. After discovering that their boat has been destroyed, Marqua changes into a swan and flies to the Quipper, which sails into the Crown Island harbour. The hobgoblins deliver the Pirate Queen’s Pearl to Captain Janis, who pays them as agreed. Marqua casts create treasure map on the remains of Red Skewer Tarin and the Quipper delivers the map to Sandara and her crew (who have been left on the island).
Wealday, Desnus 17: The hobgoblins investigate a shipwreck near Crown Island. They kill some undead and rescue Kelpflower. They set sail for Port Peril.
Oathday, Desnus 18-Fireday, Desnus 20: They sail.

Sunday, Desnus 21: They sail through particularly hard rain.
Moonday, Desnus 22: They arrive in Port Peril in the morning. Marqua runs a street circus. Tilly Brackett pays for a regenerate spell at the temple of Besmara. Oknarok goes drinking with her, and learns more of her past. The hobgoblins meet Zamna Kwol, who initially wants to join their crew but changes her mind after Zarrnok threatens her.
Toilday, Desnus 23: Marqua runs her street circus. The Honest Booker requests a leave of absence. Oknarok arranges to visit Goat Tongue the next day. That evening Aja, Crazy Krooz, Grimbilnuk, Quivering Cora, and Smooth Tommie participate in the Wholesome Harvest scavenger hunt.
Wealday, Desnus 24: The hobgoblins go to the fish market, then follow Giovani Jeggare home to his villa. They pester him a little and give him a fish, then leave. Oknarok visits Goat Tongue. Leitauk defeats Zamna Kwol in a drinking contest.
Oathday, Desnus 25: The Quipper departs Port Peril.
Fireday, Desnus 26-Oathday, Sarenith 9: They sail.
Starday, Sarenith 10: Aja spots the Dowager Queen and the Quipper gives chase.

Sunday, Sarenith 11: The Quipper captures the Dowager Queen. Oknarok takes command of the ship.
Moonday, Sarenith 12-Wealday, Sarenith 14: They sail.
Oathday, Sarenith 15-Starday, Sarenith 17: The two ships skirt the Eye of Abendego. Malikor is nearly swept overboard.

Sunday, Sarenith 18: The two ships arrive in Ilizmagorti.
Moonday, Sarenith 19: They sell the Dowager Queen and its cargo.
Toilday, Sarenith 20: The hobgoblins brag of their exploits, gaining infamy and becoming known as Disgraceful. They visit the Blood Circus, where they see a pack of velociraptors defeat a t-rex.
Wealday, Sarenith 21: Early in the day the receive a quote from Amzed on having Captain Harrigan assassinated. Late in the day the Quipper leaves Mediogalti Island.
Oathday, Sarentih 22-Moonday, Sarenith 26: The Quipper skirts the very edge of the Eye of Abendego.

Toilday-Sarenith 27-Oathday, Sarenith 29: The Quipper runs from a pursuing free captain.
Fireday, Sarenith 30-Starday, Erastus 8: They sail.

Sunday, Erastus 9: They arrive at Crown Island and pick up the survivors of the expedition.
Moonday, Erastus 10: They sail.
Toilday, Erastus 11: They arrive in Bloodcove. They meet with Ayotunde and conduct some business.
Wealday, Erastus 12-Fireday, Erastus 14: They sail.
Starday, Erastus 15: Kianidi Festival The Quipper arrives in Senghor. The hobgoblins gain infamy. Oknarok, disguised as Giffer, leaves his musket with a wizard in order to have in magically enhanced.

Sunday, Erastus 16: The hobgoblins are in a bar brawl, during which someone kills Isabella Locke. The hobgoblins copy the map tattooed onto her back and use her skin to magically create a treasure map.
Moonday, Erastus 17: Oknarok collects his now-magic firearm.
Toilday, Erastus 18: The Quipper leaves Senghor.
Wealday, Erastus 19-Wealday, Erastus 26: The Quipper sails to Mancatcher Cove.
Oathday, Erastus 27: The Quipper arrives at Mancatcher Cove. The hobgoblins slay a turtle-crab, some sharks, and some sahuagin.
Fireday, Erastus 28: The hobgoblins return to the sahuagin caves. They slay many hobgoblins and meet Gubgub. They take the treasure of Cyrus Wolfe from Mancatcher Cove.
Saturday, Erastus 29: They set sail for Port Peril.

Sunday, Erastus 30-Fireday, Arodus 5: They sail.
Starday, Arodus 6: They arrive in Port Peril. They arrange to request of letter of marque the next morning.

Sunday, Arodus 7: Tsadok Goldtooth administers three trials to determine the hobgoblins’ fitness to receive a letter of marque, culminating in combat against Fishpork. The hobgoblins go to Fort Hazard that evening for dinner with the Hurricane King. While there, Captain Yarrnok meets the Master of the Gales and signs up to participate in the Free Captain Regatta.
Moonday, Arodus 8: Peppery Longfarthing visits the Quipper with instructions from Captain Harrigan. Specifically, they are required to enter the Free Captain Regatta and eliminate the other competitors so that the Wormwood wins. That evening, Malikor receives a sending from his Lady Love, insisting that he enter the Free Captain Regatta, proudly display her emblem, and win.
Toilday, Arodus 9: Captain Yarrnok meets with Wide Olga over lunch. She tells him that there may be a Chelish spy in the Shaclkes, and needs him to investigate. She directs him to Bag Island and Quent.
Wealday, Arodus 10: They Quipper departs Port Peril.
Oathday, Arodus 11: Marqua has a nightmare in which she sees her mother with Royce Rue‘s face.
Fireday, Arodus 12: The Quipper arrives in Quent. The hobgoblins gain an audience with Dindreann. She asks them to regain the Golden Vespal, a holy object that had been lost aboard the elvish ship Lady’s Sting.
Starday, Arodus 13: They set sail from Quent toward Beachcomber.

Sunday, Arodus 14: Late in the day they arrive in Beachcomber. They meet with Slip in the Temple of the Hidden Name. They arrange to leave Urthank Stronghew in his service temporarily. Zamna Kwol also remains behind (on a leave of absence).
Moonday, Arodus 15: The Quipper sails toward the Rampore Isles.
Toilday, Arodus 16: The Quipper gives chase to a Rahadoumi ship, which turns out to be an illusion. They defeat Vakarla and her crew of wreckers. Oknarok sacrifices her to Zura. Marqua creates a treasure map from her skin. Peppery uses a sending to tell Zarrnok about the new price on Oknarok’s head. Parrot the imp tells Marqua to take the Quipper to Pex to pick up an inquisitor and drop off five personnel for a three-month task.
Wealday, Arodus 17: They dig up Vakarla’s buried treasure.
Oathday, Arodus 18: They sail.
Fireday, Arodus 19: They arrive in Quent and return the Golden Vesper to Dindreann. She gives them a name in Drenchport, and also a name in Ollo.
Starday, Arodus 20: They depart Quent and sail for Pex.

Sunday, Arodus 21-Toilday, Arodus 23: They sail.
Wealday, Arodus 24: They arrive in Pex, late in the day. They meet Ivar and Chemly.
Oathday, Arodus 25: They depart Pex and sail for Drenchport.
Fireday, Arodus 26-Starday, Arodus 27: They sail.

Sunday, Arodus 28: They arrive in Drenchport. They speak with Jaymiss Keft and find the body of Haddon Pike. Marqua adopts Pike’s pet quipper, Grinner.
Moonday, Arodus 29: They depart Drenchport and sail for Oyster Cay.
Toilday, Arodus 30-Starday, Rova 4: They sail.

Sunday, Rova 5: They arrive in Oyster Cay and have dinner with Wide Olga.
Moonday, Rova 6: They sail to Hell Harbour. They search Roweena Kellet’s house and rescue Corlan from Giles Halmis. They leave Hell Harbour for Port Peril in a hurry.
Toilday, Rova 7-Starday, Rova 11: They sail, performing training exercises the entire time.

Sunday, Rova 12: The Quipper arrives in Port Peril. The hobgoblins investigate Giles’s rented home then break into the Jasperleaf Apothecary.
Moonday, Rova 13: Backstabber, Bloodfish, Dolgrin, and Salma go out on the town, and are confined to ship in the aftermath of their outing.
Toilday, Rova 14: The crew does chores.
Wealday, Rova 15: Marra Blackblade, Solobuto the Beautiful, Brigham ‘Jolly’ Savant, and Benigno spend a night on the town, retrieving Hassalam’s Bell.
Oathday, Rova 16: Boom-Boom Doruk is struck from the letter of marque. Captain Yarrrnok meets the legendary Captain Alnimyin Menthimniar of the Gorgorath Amada and learns that she believes that only three ships in the regatta matter. Yarrrnok submits to an Abadar’s Truthtelling and says that he doesn’t know who burned the Formidably Maid. Quartermaster Ratsbane purchases silk sails for the Quipper.
Fireday, Rova 17: Leitauk has an atonement cast on her and converts to the worship of Gozreh by Jack Spirit.
Starday, Rova 18: The ships preparing for the regatta are all in Port Peril and doing last minute preparations.

Sunday, Rova 19: The Master of the Gales announces the starting point of the Captain’s Regatta to be Cauldron Rock. All of the competing ships sail for there.
Mooday, Rova 20-Toilday, Rova 21: The Quipper sails for Cauldron Rock.
Wealday, Rova 22: Kelpflower, Supreme Commander, and Tentacle-Tentacle-Tentacle repel some squid-form druids who are attempting to drill holes in the hull of the Quipper.
Oathday, Rova 23-Fireday, Rova 24: They sail.
Starday, Rova 25: They arrive at Cauldron Rock. The Master of the Gales gives the race course information to the competitors.

Sunday, Rova 26: The regatta begins. The hobgoblins spot Royce Rue on the Master of the Gales’ ship. The Quipper and the Gorgorath Amada are the front runners, with the Anglerfish not far behind.
Moonday, Rova 27: The Quipper wins the regatta. The ship begins the return trip to Port Peril.
Toilday, Rova 28-Fireday, Lamashan 1: The Quipper continues to sail.
Starday, Lamashan 2: The Quipper arrives in Port Peril.

Sunday, Lamashan 3-Starday, Lamashan 9: Shore leave in Port Peril.

Sunday, Lamashan 10: The Quipper leave Port Peril.
Moonday, Lamashan 11: They sail.
Toilday, Lamashan 12: The Quipper arrives in Beachcomber. Urthank and Zamna rejoin the ship’s company. The Quipper sets sail for a nearby shipping lane.
Wealday, Lamashan 13-Fireday, Lamashan 22: They sail.
Starday, Lamashan 23: The Quipper pursues and captures the Truewind. The captain and first mate were captured alive with the intention of ransoming them. Sandara Quinn assumes command of the prize ship and takes most of the crew with her to get it squibbed. The Quipper turns to sail to the Island of Empty Eyes, but no longer sails at night because of reduced crew numbers.

Sunday, Lamashan 24-Oathday, Lamashan 28: They sail.
Fireday, Lamashan 29: They circle the Island of Empty Eyes, and Marqua does a fly-over in the form of a seagull. They take a jolly boat to the island, sabotage some giant boats, fight a spinosaurus, and approach some ruins. They fight some cyclopes, killing two before withdrawing.
Starday, Lamashan 30: Some smoke on the horizon prompts Malikor to cast sending in order to contact Dolgrin. He reveals himself to have been kidnapped. The hobgoblins track him down and assist him in the fight against the giant harpies who were trying to recapture him after he had escaped. They rescue Red Starling, then defeat the Damned Jewel as it attempts to capture the Quipper. The Quipper is badly damaged, both in that fight and the subsequent struggle against a giant octopus.

Sunday, Neth 1: The hobgoblins head toward the abandoned Chelish fort. Zarrnok does a fly-over. They kill Paeta the phase spider, make a deal with the ghost of Captain Otongu, and capture Ederleigh Baines. Marqua gets licked by a kitten-pony, and has her spellcasting ability seriously affected. The group tries to take Ederleigh back to their camp, but Zarrnok’s attack on his familiar draws the attention of some phase spiders, who capture Ederleigh. The Quipper is slightly burned by the crew after they believe that it is being animated to attack them.
Monday, Neth 2: The camp has a rest day. Malikor removes Marqua’s curse.
Toilday, Neth 3: The group returns to the fort. They defeat some giant crawling hands. A half-elf named Marlin takes them into the ethereal plane, where they kill the phase spaiders and are reunited with Grimka. While ethereal they explore the cyclops settlement.
Wealday, Neth 4: Marlin returns them all to the material plane. Zarrnok sails off in the Damned Jewel. The others attack the watch tower and kill several cyclopes. On their way back to camp they see an enormous centipede.
Oathday, Neth 5: The hobgoblins destroy the damaged cyclops boats and kill the team trying to repair them. Leitauk dies. Grimka dies. Malikor dies. Leitauk dies. [sic]
Fireday, Neth 6: They set sail for Port Peril.
Starday, Neth 7: They sail.

Sunday, Neth 8: They arrive in Port Peril. They shop.
Moonday, Neth 9: They shop, then depart for the Island of Empty Eyes.
Toilday, Neth 10: They sail.
Wealday, Neth 11: Late in the day they arrive back at the Island of Empty Eyes. They see an enormous bonfire lit by the cyclopes.
Oathday, Neth 12: They assault the cyclops base, flying in invisibly and sniping the giants as they came into the open. They take treasure from the ancient hoard, then return to camp. They meet Audessa Reyquio and Velvet Truewing.
Fireday, Neth 13: The retrieve a magical gemstone from within a magical egg in the caldera. Grimka is blind for a while, but is healed. Marqua gains several negative levels, but is healed. Bikendi Otongu possesses Marqua and completes his ritual, allowing his soul access to the plane of dreams. The hobgoblins go to Otongu’s secret hoard, and fight two big sharks on the way there.

Starday, Neth 14-Sunday, Neth 22: The preparations for the party take a great deal of labour. Guests trickle in.

Moonday, Neth 23: Seven Veils: Celebration of brotherhood between all civilized races, marked by interracial masquerade balls. The hobgoblins host a party under the guidance of Velvet Truewing. They receive many gifts. Captain Avimar Sorrinash, Captain Lady Cerise Bloodmourn, and Captain Mase Darimar set trials for them, which they overcome. Sergeant Bengmar reveals Captain Darimar to be a spy for the underwater elf settlement. Chelish ships led by Admiral Druvalia Thrune attack and are defeated. Captain Darimar leaves.
Toilday, Neth 24:: Rest day.
Wealday, Neth 25: The guests start to leave. Sergeant Bengmar extends the Year of Hell.
Oathday, Neth 26: The Red Delight arrives at the Island of Empty Eyes.
Fireday, Neth 27: The crew clean up after the party.
Starday, Neth 28: Rest day.

Sunday, Neth 29-Toilday, Kuthona 1: The Quipper sails to Pex, where Alfieri, Balahuto, Celestina, Donata, and Oloweta rejoin the ship’s company.
Wealday, Kuthona 2-Starday, Kuthona 19: The Quipper sails to Magnimar.

Sunday, Kuthona 20: The hobgoblins sell the Abyssal plunder. Aelethafel goes on many walking tours of the city.
Moonday, Kuthona 21: The hobgoblins gain infamy in Magnimar.
Toilday, Kuthona 22-Wealday, Kuthona 30: The Quipper sails back toward the Shackles.


Oathday, Abadius 1: The Quipper overtakes the Rahadoumi ship Sanbalot, defeating its manticore guardian and capturing the vessel.
Fireday, Abadius 2-Starday, Abadius 17: The Quipper and the Sanbalot sail back to the Island of Empty Eyes.

Sunday, Abadius 18-Starday, Abadius 24: The Quipper is moored at the Island of Empty Eyes. Leitauk increases the island’s fortifications. Marqua assists in the recapture of the dire boars.

Sunday, Abadius 25: They set sail for Port Peril in both the Quipper and Abrogail’s Fury.
Moonday, Abadius 26-Wealday, Abadius 28: They sail.
Oathday, Abadius 29: They arrive in Port Peril.
Fireday, Abadius 30: They spread word of their exploits, gaining infamy.
Starday, Calistril 1: They do some shopping.

Sunday, Calistril 2: Merrymead Council meeting. The five hobgoblins present become members of the Pirate Council.
Moonday, Calistril 3: Rest day.
Toilday, Calistril 4: The hobgoblins research the location of Harrigan’s base. They also sell plunder.
Wealday, Calistril 5: The Quipper sets sail from Port Peril.
Oathday, Calistril 6-Fireday, Calistril 7: They sail.
Fireday, Calistril 8: The hobgoblins leave the Quipper out of sight and set out for Gannet Island on the back of an orca-shaped Marqua. They fight a sea serpent. When they arrive at the island they meet Jack Scrimshaw, who tells them that Harrigan is a ghost.
Starday, Calistril 9: They hike to the fortress. They fly in invisibly, killing some guards, a daemon, and several demons. The ghost of Captain Harrigan kills Oknarok then moves on to the afterlife. Oknarok gets better. The hobgoblins negotiate for Giffer’s release and disappear back to the Island of Empty Eyes before Peppery realizes that they’ve stolen her entire treasury. Marqua transplants some local flora into the breathing terracotta pot.

Sunday, Calistril 10: Commodore Feurtrunken contacts the Quipper and tells them to return to the Island of Empty Eyes.
Moonday, Calistril 11: The hobgoblins pop over to Port Peril to get the pot identified and go shopping.
Toilday, Calistril 12: The hobgoblins spend the day selling their plunder.
Wealday, Calistril 13: The hobgoblins spend the day shopping.
Oathday, Calistril 14: They return to the Island of Empty Eyes. Marqua gives Giffer an adorable sailor outfit.
Fireday, Calistril 15: The hobgoblins and Giffer use the breathing terracotta pot to plane shift to the First World.

Time flows differently: They arrive on a small hill near a forest and a village. They take some sap and some mushrooms from the forest. Giffer, Malikor, Marqua, and Oknarok all eat some mushroom and some sap. They enter the brownie village called Nifflebottom and share their food with the locals. Giffer eats the apple that they offer. The brownies thing that the hobgoblins are “Nakorza people”, because they’re like Nakorza. Apparently Nakorza lives on the other side of the forest, eats a lot of mushrooms, and wants to find the baroness. The brownies tell the hobgoblins that to get to the queen’s palace they have to go straight down the Cliffs of Instability, through the marshforest with the stinky antler-pigs, and up the Hills of Gentle, Easy Ascent. The hobgoblins take some brownies and Giffer down the Cliffs of Instability with only minor mishaps, drop of the brownies, and enter the marshforest. After a few hours they are ambushed by six of the stinky antler-pigs. They kill three, and the other three retreat. After a long walk through the swamp they press through to the Hill of Gentle, Easy Ascent. They climb it for several hours before encountering a cloud in the shape of Royce Rue. The cloud turns solid, then into an air elemental. They fight and kill him. After a night’s sleep they walk uphill for four or five more hours, then emerge into a twilight realm dominated by a pink castle. They meet Halla the seamstress, who gives them striped outfits. They present the pot to the Queen with the Baroness’s compliments, then are taken to the lower balcony. The guards are instructed to give minor gifts to the hobgoblins and kill Giffer. The hobgoblins defend Giffer, killing the guards in the process. Oknarok particularly irritates Captain Kheelan. The group hides from pursuit and makes their way to the baroness’s realm. There is a party that lasts for three days. Giffer is the guest of honour, from a certain point of view.

Sunday, Calistril 10: Captain Yarrrnok sails the Damned Jewel into Sedeq, where he is hoping that they can repair the damage the ship sustained during a bad storm. He leaves First Mate Gary in charge of repairs, and leaves with two of his crew: Hunaydah and Folongko. He meets Folongko’s brother, Ka’kutah, as well as his companions: Arlyxannah, Kadara, and Miri. He learns that he has somehow joined a group known as Hilda’s Glowing Carrots.
Moonday, Calistril 11-Starday, Calistril 16: Zarrnok upgrades his equipment, deals with administrative issues, and enjoys shore leave. He learns that the Damned Jewel is going to be in port for a very long time.

Sunday, Calistril 17-Starday, Calistril 23: Hilda’s Glowing Carrots take a barge up-river.

Sunday, Calistril 24: They disembark from the barge and begin a very hot journey overland to Dimayen.
Moonday, Calistril 25: They travel. That night they are attacked by some odd six-legged lightning lizards.
Toilday, Calistril 26: They travel all day. They decide to cram into their portable fortress for the night. This helps them when a sand kraken attacks their mule.
Wealday, Calistril 27: They travel all day.
Oathday, Calistril 28: They arrive in Dimayen. They help the Long Whiskers mercenary company subdue their captain. Hundaydah introduces Folongko to her family. They learn that there is some sort of plague or curse known as the Feast of Dust. They go to the Fabled & Forgotten book store to investigate, where they fight a ghoul and an invisible stalker in the storefront and two strange creatures (one of which teleports away) in the print shop in back. They spend the rest of the day telling people around town of their exploits.
Fireday, Calistril 29: In the morning they receive an invitation to the Whitewater compound. They go there and meet several members of the Whitewater family. They critically injure Kardag Whitewater during a sparring match. They meet with High Priest Arakor Shonar, and Miri gives him a scroll of sending. The group returns to Fabled & Forgotten to look for the secret entrance to the basement. They fight some undead and other creatures, then run away. When they return to the Milakesh home they learn that Folongko has been stricken with the Feast of Dust.
Starday, Calistril 30: Zarrnok falls ill.

Oathday, Pharast 5: Zarrnok recovers. He joins Hilda’s Glowing Carrots behind a secret door in Blood Rise Rock, where they spend the night.
Fireday, Pharast 6: They fly out of Blood Rise Rock invisibly and begin the trip to Shadun.
Starday, Pharast 7: They travel.

Sunday, Pharast 8: While they travel Ka’kutah’s body becomes covered in fungus.
Moonday, Pharast 9-Fireday, Pharast 13: They travel
Starday, Pharast 14: They arrive at the ruins of Shadun. They meet Queen Julkar and her retainers. They kill Reched the meladaemon. They find a secure spot in the ruins and spend the night in their magical fortress.

Sunday, Pharast 15: They descend into the buried remains of the complex surrounding the Oblivion Vault. They kill some undead. Miri V makes a minor infernal pact in order to get into a vault. The group fights two devourers then acquires the Handflower of Genocide.

Sunday, Erastus 7: Malikor, Leitauk, Marqua, Oknarok, Grimka, and Giffer return to the Island of Empty Eyes from the First World. Sergeant Bengmar (now captain) and Commodore Pid are waiting for them. Pid retires. Sergeant Bengmar is revealed to really be Nevtaliss Rasivrein, a drow trying to manipulate people into hunting elves. The hobgoblins kill him.
Moonday, Erastus 8: They travel to Port Peril and learn that the most recent Pirate Council meeting was cancelled.
Toilday, Erastus 9-Starday, Erastus 13: They put their affairs in order, sell their loot, and do some necessary shopping.

Sunday, Erastus 14: Leitauk takes command of the Death’s Servant. Torauk takes command of the Red Anger. They sail away from the Island of Empty Eyes.
Moonday, Erastus 15: The Quipper sails into the lagoon at the Island of Empty Eyes.
Toilday, Erastus 16: The hobgoblins track down Dolgrin’s missing satchel in the demon cave of the seven deadly sins. They discover that Giffer had taken it there and entered it. The learn that it leads to a warehouse full of discarded and decaying objects. At least one drow entered it. Dolgrin refers to the interior of the warehouse as “Rat Heaven”.
Wealday, Erastus 17: They relax on the island.
Oathday, Erastus 18: The Empty Aye sails into the lagoon at the Island of Empty Eyes. There is a small party. Captains Powerwing and Lonegan present the hobgoblins with a brass quipper that gives them access to the “commodore’s quarters”.
Fireday, Erastus 19: Rest day.
Starday, Erastus 20: The Quipper sails away from the Island of Empty Eyes.

Sunday, Erastus 21-Fireday, Erastus 26: They sail.
Starday, Erastus 27: The Quipper is attacked from below by three gnomes in a metal submersible vessel. They are led by Skignagrokle, who is seeking revenge for past offences. They chase him away with the help of the grindylows.

Sunday, Erastus 28-Oathday, Arodus 1: They sail.
Fireday, Arodus 2: They arrive in Ilizmagorti.
Starday, Arodus 3: They talk themselves up, gaining infamy.

Sunday, Arodus 4: They spend the day shopping.
Moonday, Arodus 5: Rest day.
Toilday, Arodus 6: They set sail from Ilizmagorti.
Wealday, Arodus 7: They sail.
Oathday, Arodus 8: They encounter the haunted sailing ship Dagon’s Bastard. They capture it and send it back to the Island of Empty Eyes under the command of the newly-married Jelga and Woo.
Fireday, Arodus 9: They sail.
Starday, Arodus 10: They are chased by two Chelish ships. Some winged marines fly over to the Quipper to attack them. The Quipper crew is victorious. They scuttle one and send the other back to the Island of Empty Eyes under a prize crew.

Sunday, Arodus 11-Starday, Arodus 24: They sail.

Sunday, Arodus 25: They arrive in Magnimar.
Moonday, Arodus 26: They spend the day in the Bazaar of Sails bragging and gaining infamy.
Toilday, Arodus 27-Wealday, Arodus 28: Rest days.
Oathday, Arodus 29: They set sail.
Fireday, Arodus 30-Starday, Rova 1: They sail.

Sunday, Rova 2: They capture the keelboat Braynor’s Pride. They put a prize crew on it and bring it to Riddleport.
Moonday, Rova 3-Wealday, Rova 5: They sail.
Oathday, Rova 6: They arrive in Riddleport. They pay to have the Braynor’s Pride squibbed.
Fireday, Rova 7: They discover that the Cobra’s Sting and two other flying vehicles are over Lake Encarthan.
Starday, Rova 8: They brag about their exploits, gaining infamy.

Sunday, Rova 9: They ask around about the problems with giants demanding tribute.
Moonday, Rova 10: They track down the two sun giants who are acting as bandits. They kill the giants and take their plunder.
Toilday, Rova 11: Day of rest. They use sending to request a divine scroll of sodden ship be ready for them to purchase in Magnimar.
Wealday, Rova 12: They Braynor’s Pride has been squibbed, and they rename it the Ravenous Orca. They depart Riddleport.
Oathday, Rova 13-Starday, Rova 15: They sail.

Sunday, Rova 16: They arrive in Magnimar.
Moonday, Rova 17: They buy supplies, including the scroll of sodden ship.
Toilday, Rova 18-Wealday, Rova 19: Rest days.
Oathday, Rova 19: They depart Magnimar.

Fireday, Rova 20-Starday, Lamashan 6: They sail.

Sunday, Lamashan 7: They use sodden ship to sail beneath the Chelish blockade at the Arch of Aroden. They encounter merfolk who attempt to take their ship by force, but the attackers are swiftly repelled.
Moonday, Lamashan 8: The Ravenous Orca surfaces well past the blockade.

Toilday, Lamashan 9-Starday, Lamashan 20: They sail.

Sunday, Lamashan 21: They arrive in Merab.
Toilday, Lamashan 22: They sell plunder.
Wealday, Lamashan 23: They attempt to gain infamy, but are unsuccessful.
Oathday, Lamashan 24: They learn about hobgoblins who were captured by Chelish forces are are being held in Fort Forthklek in Hinji. They decide to rescue them.
Fireday, Lamashan 25: They buy ship supplies and other equipment in Merab.
Starday, Lamashan 26: They depart Merab for Hinji.

Sunday, Lamashan 27-Starday, Neth 3: They sail.

Sunday, Neth 4: They arrive in Hinji.
Moonday, Neth 5: They spend time around town.
Toilday, Neth 6: Late in the day they meet a drunk human named Ormalt who escorts them inside Fort Gorthoklek. He gets captured, but the hobgoblins stage a jailbreak. They are defeated by a horned devil, but only two of them die (Oknarok & Grimka) and the others grab their bodies and escape. Oknarok’s musket gets left behind.
Wealday, Neth 7: Early in the morning they sail away from Hinji.
Oathday, Neth 8-Starday, Neth 17: They sail.

Sunday, Neth 18: They arrive in Cassomir.
Moonday, Neth 19: They do some shopping.
Toilday, Neth 20: They spend the day talking themselves up, gaining Infamy.
Wealday, Neth 21: Rest day.
Oathday, Neth 22: They finish shopping and collect some custom ordered items.
Fireday, Neth 23: They sail beneath the Taldane blockade of the Sellen River.
Starday, Neth 24: They sail upriver, propelled by their undead crew.

Sunday, Neth 25: They arrive at the Isle of Arenway. Marqua visits the druids and acquires three blackwood saplings.
Moonday, Neth 26-Moonday, Kuthona 30: They travel up the Sellen River.


Toilday, Abadius 1: They arrive in Xer. They study Razmiran religious music.
Wealday, Abadius 2: They learn about the Pride of Razmir and the Cobra’s Sting.
Oathday, Abadius 3: Rest day.
Fireday, Abadius 4: They depart Xer, sailing into Lake Encarthan.
Starday, Abadius 5: They sail.

Sunday, Abadius 6: They see the Isle of Terror in the distance. They had been expecting a hurricane, but it was cloudy with a light drizzle.
Moonday, Abadius 7: They are intercepted by a nightwing as they approach the Isle of Terror. She drives them back.
Toilday, Abadius 8: They sail.
Wealday, Abadius 9: They arrive in Caliphas City.
Oathday, Abadius 10: They shop.
Fireday, Abadius 11: Rest day.
Starday, Abadius 12: They depart Caliphas City.

Sunday, Abadius 13: They sail.
Moonday, Abadius 14: They encounter Jolanera (the nightwing) again, and drive her off the plane (temporarily). Sailing around the Isle of Terror the spot the Cobra’s Sting, which they take. As they leave they see a number of elves in the white-treed forest cursing at them and shaking their fists.
Toilday, Abadius 15: They sail.
Wealday, Abadius 16: They arrive back in Caliphas City.
Oathday, Abadius 17: They talk with Captain Donata, and she will be keeping the Ravenous Orca in Lake Encarthan for a while before sailing back to the Shackles.
Fireday, Abadius 18: The newly-christened Bat’s Shadow (formerly known as the Cobra’s Sting) plane shifts to the ethereal plane.
Starday, Abadius 19: The Bat’s Shadow plane shifts to the material plane, ending up near Ilizmagorti.

Sunday, Abadius 20-Starday, Abadius 26: They travel, primarily by sea but occasionally by air.

Sunday, Abadius 27: They arrive back at the Island of Empty Eyes. They learn that Wide Olga has been killed by hobgoblins and that Fleet Admiral Medlar blames them for her death.
Moonday, Abadius 28: The hobgoblins magically travel to Senghor, where they purchase diamond dust sufficient to resurrect Wide Olga. They attempt to gain infamy, but are unsuccessful. They stay in town overnight.
Toilday, Abadius 29: They hobgoblins spend the day in Senghor, gaining infamy. That evening they travel back to the Island of Empty Eyes.
Wealday, Abadius 30: They set sail for Oyster Cay aboard the Bat’s Shadow.
Oathday, Calistril 1: They sail.
Fireday, Calistril 2: They arrive in Oyster Cay. They retrieve a finger bone from Wide Olga’s crypt. They observe the murder scene, but are under a great deal of suspicion. They do not spend the night in town.
Starday, Calistril 3: They sail.

Sunday, Calistril 4: They arrive back on the Island of Empty Eyes.
Moonday, Calistril 5: Malikor resurrects Wide Olga. She is uncertain how to proceed, but thinks she may return to her Ulfen homeland for additional forces. The hobgoblins send out invitations to the members of the Pirate Council to come see her before she leaves.
Toilday, Calistril 6: Queen Bezubar arrives and states that she is there to attack Oknarok on behalf of Badger Medlar. After fighting for a bit she declares her contract fulfilled and starts to leave. The hobgoblins use dimensional anchor to prevent her departure, and kill her.
Wealday, Calistril 7: Rest day.
Oathday, Calistril 8: Tessa Fairwind teleports in (courtesy of Gleinàthon Ondalaneir) and warns the hobgoblins about the upcoming council meeting. She also tells them that their people are being held beneath Lucrehold and that she can help them get there.
Fireday, Calistril 9: More council members arrive. There is a big dinner.
Starday, Calistril 10: There is a party, and Wide Olga is the centre of attention.

Sunday, Calistril 11: Tessa Fairwind takes over as party host. Gleinàthon Ondalaneir inducts the hobgoblins into “team squid” and then teleports them to Lucrehold. He then teleports way. The hobgoblins enter a warehouse and descend into the caves beneath the island, fighting various constructs and undead along the way. They enter the Brass Quipper to recover.
Moonday, Calistril 12: They emerge from their mansion and find themselves surrounded. They have a big fight. Badger is turned to stone. Kerdak Bonefist dies. Marqua claims the Hurricane Crown, becoming the new Hurricane King.

Sarenith 21: Summer Solstice

Red text denotes future events.


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