Trade Routes

A large number of trade routes exist in the Inner Sea region—the two most well-traveled are known as the North Tack and the South Tack, yet others can be even more profitable, if more dangerous.

Encarthan Circuit: Shipping cargo between Kerse, Tamran, Caliphas, and Thronestep, a fleet of nimble caravels plies this lucrative but dangerous route, sailing as far as possible from the treacherous shores of the Isle of Terror.

Fever Run: Risky indeed, this profitable route skirts the Eye of Abendego and the Shackles to Sargava for spices, alchemical treasures, and gems.

Inner Sea North Tack: The downwind run along the north coast of the Inner Sea is a lucrative route, but tensions between Andoran and its neighbours have caused problems even for honest merchants. The Grey Corsairs tolerate no piracy, and the Chelish fleet stationed in Ostenso looks very closely at any ship traveling from the east.

Inner Sea South Tack: Most captains view this easterly beat against the prevailing winds as a necessary evil, but a wily sailor can use the cape effect and diurnal winds generated from the heating and cooling of Garund’s vast northern desert to make the passage easier and more profitable.

Obari Trade Circle: Spanning Katapesh, Quantium, Niswan, Sedeq, Katheer, Absalom, and Sothis, all of which have the easterly trade winds abeam, this highly profitable route is heavily patrolled by Okeno slavers and subject to both blinding siroccos and sweltering calms.

Sand Coast Reach: This short route across the Arch of Aroden can be lucrative, but is dangerous for those trying to smuggle religious items into strictly atheist Rahadoum.

Varisian Reach: Travel along this long route from the Arch of Aroden to Korvosa and Magnimar is generally timed to avoid deadly winter “Nor’westers” lashing out of the Steaming Sea. This primary trade route between the Inner Sea and Varisia can make a captain rich if she avoids dangerous storms and the denizens of Hellmouth Gulf.

Trade Routes

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