Crashing Horde

The Crashing Horde hobgoblin tribe lives in and beneath the Mwangi jungles of Western Garund, southeast of the Eye of Abendego and the Sodden Lands. The main exit from their underground territory is in the Terwa Uplands.

The entire tribe structure is based on military rank, with effectively no adult civilian population. Upon reaching adulthood each member of the Crashing Horde tribe begins what is called the “Year of Hell”, where they prove that they deserve to be a “Private Second-Class” with the chance to advance through the ranks. Those who fail their Year of Hell are assigned the permanent rank of “Private Third-Class” and fill those roles in society normally occupied by civilians.

Each player character has the rank of “Lance-Private”, which is a temporary rank and the only one lower than “Private Third-Class”.

Religion among the Crashing Horde isn’t usually a matter of passion so much as pragmatism. The patron deity of the tribe is Moloch, general of the armies of Hell.

Crashing Horde

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