Called the Scum Tide City by the “civilized” nations of Golarion, Ilizmagorti is known to the pirates and scoundrels who frequent her docks as the Black Pearl of the Tropics. That duality defines the city, and is present in almost all aspects of life in the thriving port town. Ilizmagorti is a cesspool that collects the dregs of society, giving them a place to live out their sordid and brutish lives, but some of the most lucrative trade south of the Arch of Aroden passes through its harbour. Its mysterious location is only hinted at on most maps and charts, yet every pirate captain worth the bounty on his head knows the hidden routes that will take his ship there.

Ilizmagorti is ruled by the Mayor of Ilizmagorti. No one
knows the Mayor’s name, or if this mysterious being is man
or woman, human or otherwise. Though anyone can request
an audience with the Mayor by joining the line outside the
disused lighthouse on Mayor’s Island, the Mayor wears a
different face for each visitor, and indeed for each time the same visitor seeks an audience. The Mayor can be a wizened old crone, a handsome elven gentlemen, a twinkling-eyed gnome, or even a child. Yet regardless of appearance, the Mayor always remembers past conversations and judgments.

Surprisingly, there is very little corruption in Ilizmagorti. The Pirate Code is well known to most visitors to the city, and pirate justice is the rule. When the watch do get involved, they serve as judge, jury, and executioner, as attested by the hanged criminals displayed on Yardarm Bridge.


Large City


Population 20 500

Notable NPCs

Mayor of Ilizmagorti


Base Value 8 000 gp


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