Pirate Council

The Pirate Council, led by the Hurricane King, rules the Shackles (as much as anyone can be said to do so).

Each member of the Council is a Free Captain complete with letter of marque (though in some rare cases this has been strictly honorary, as the “captain” in question might never have commanded a ship but still had skills deemed crucial by the Council). New members are only added after a majority of available existing Council members vote in favour of doing so. Even having one’s name considered for Council membership is difficult.

The Pirate Council meets in a large chamber located in Fort Hazard itself. The Hurricane King typically sits at the head of a long oaken table in an overly ostentatious chair with a high back carved with images of sea monsters coiled around ships, while thirty smaller, less extravagant but still rather comfortable chairs are positioned around the table (fifteen to a side). No one sits at the far end of the table, where a second enormous chair sits—this chair is reserved for Besmara herself, should she ever decide to attend. Food and alcohol are served in quantity during a Pirate Council—the meal is quite fine, serving almost as a bribe to encourage the pirate lords to attend in the first place. Several other, smaller tables sit against the walls of the room—these are for minor pirate lords who do not actually have votes, but who are still welcome to provide feedback and opinions during the meeting.

A typical council meeting begins a half-hour before the food and rum is served—and typically lasts a half-hour after the meal begins and the effects of the rich repast and fine rum begin to have their effects. Eventually, the Hurricane King calls the council to an end by rising and declaring the meeting adjourned, often leaving more than a few agenda items on the table for the next meeting.

Other Members

In addition to the Hurricane King, there are currently 27 members of the council:

Pirate Council

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