Port Peril

The Shackles’s largest port, Port Peril is located on the mainland overlooking Jeopardy Bay. Fort Hazard, the fortress retreat of the Hurricane King, dominates the walled city and its deepwater harbour from the bluffs on the island of Lucrehold. The twisting streets of Port Peril are lined with taverns, brothels, gambling halls, and other vice dens. Its teeming market squares do a brisk trade in all manner of stolen goods and contraband, such as Tian silks, Qadiran spices, Nidalese poisons, and Mwangi relics. Untold riches from years of plunder and tribute are said to be hidden away in the sea caves beneath the city.

Taverns in Port Peril include the Broken Jug, the Crusty Carp, the Cup and Rudder, the Formidably Maid, the Gutted Goat, and the Mermaid’s Bucket.


CN metropolis
Corruption +4; Crime +0; Economy +6; Law +7; Lore +6; Society +3
Qualities holy site (Berth of the Sea Wraith), notorious, prosperous, rumormongering citizens, strategic location, superstitious
Danger +20


Government overlord
Population 43 270 (27 636 humans; 3 891 half-elves; 3 496 halforcs; 2 663 gnomes; 2 230 halflings; 1 798 elves; 1 357 dwarfs; 199 other)

Notable NPCs

Captain Kerdak Bonefist, the Hurricane King (male human)


Base Value 29 744 gp; Purchase Limit 225 000 gp; Spellcasting level 8 spells

Available Items

Staves abjuration (82 000 gp), illusion (82 000 gp)
Wand spell immunity (23 charges, 9 660 gp)
Weapons +5 thundering scimitar (72 315 gp), masterwork heavy underwater crossbow (3) (400 gp each), masterwork light underwater crossbow (370 gp)
Wondrous Items belt of giant strength +6 (36 000 gp), brass horn of Valhalla (50 000 gp), darkskull (60 000 gp), drums of panic (30 000 gp), gem of seeing (75 000 gp)

Port Peril

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