This city is a solution for those who find
law of any sort oppressive, and serves as a safe harbour for
mercenaries, thieves, bandits, and pirates of all cuts. Tales of
bandits ruling the streets, of muggings and murder taking
place in full light of day, and of riots and anarchy are popular
among the nobles of Korvosa, yet there is little truth to these tales, for the Overlords of Riddleport are undeniably harsh in punishing those who would attempt to disrupt civic function. While Riddleport is not a place for the timid, it draws a surprising number of scholars and intellectuals, for the city of Riddleport is host to one of the most intriguing and well-preserved Thassilonian monuments—the cryptic Cyphergate, a ring of stone that arches gracefully over the entrance to the city’s harbour. The Cyphergate has long intrigued wizards, sages, and their like, enough so that these stereotypically meek folk have become a strong and tempering force in Riddleport’s society.


CN Large City


Population 13 300


Base Value 8 000 gp; Purchase Limit 40 000 gp

Armour +2 bashing moderate fortification heavy steel shield (36 170 gp), +5 chainmail (25 400 gp)
Potions & Oils barkskin (300 gp), cure light wounds (50 gp), endure elements (50 gp), erase (50 gp), spider climb (300 gp), virtue (25 gp)
Scrolls (Arcane) fire trap (725 gp), flaming sphere (150 gp), phantom steed (375 gp), protection from good (25 gp)
Scrolls (Divine) enthrall (150 gp), speak with animals (25 gp)
Staves frost (41 400 gp), illusion (82 000 gp), swarming insects (22 800 gp)
Wands bear’s endurance (39 charges, 3 510 gp), major image (26 charges, 5 850 gp), shrink item (36 charges, 8 100 gp)
Wondrous Items circlet of persuasion (4 500 gp), headband of mental superiority +2 (16 000 gp)


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